Halloween Recap

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween turned out a little different than planned this year. Every year we do a hayride trick or treat with family, and then all eat chili and treats together. The forecast leading up to Halloween was 100% chance of rain for most of the day, so the hayride was cancelled. Sad, but it ended up working out for us.. more about that later. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but these family festivities, and now having a sweet little one to dress up, has really changed it for me. It's become a really sweet time that I look forward to each year. 

On Saturday we took one last trip to the pumpkin patch. I loved seeing my sweet boy in all these pumpkins! :) 

We went with our friends and it was fun to be apart of their girl's first Patch!!

Look at these two! :) 

Halloween morning we met up again to go to our other friend's work! Look at these two, breaking out of the zoo to go visit their Aunt Sus! 

Sweetest of my whole life!! 

This costume truly killed me. Knowing the rain was in the forecast, Beau and I took these photos on Monday to make sure we had some sweet ones. He was such a good sport and he looked so precious!

Look at that sweet little lion roaring :) 

About an hour after I got home from Susannah's office, I started having a really bad headache. I didn't have them at all when I was pregnant with Beau, but this time I've had a ton! It ended up making me so sick that I started throwing up.. and it was just not great. Beau was such a little champ while his mama was sick until Ben got home, and he got Beau bathed and ready for chili dinner! Even without the hayride, we would still keep that part of the tradition alive. It ended up not raining, so it was sad we weren't out with all the little ones trick or treating! Beau loved seeing his family though. 

This sweet little profile just hurts me. Love this boy so much. 

He was having the time of his life with his Uncle Zac! Shortly after this photo, I knew I wasn't feeling good. I told Ben who encouraged me to go get in the car while he packed up, and I ended up throwing up by the side of the car. Yuck! I had been doing SO much better too, not getting sick at all in several weeks. I was so sad as we drove home but Ben was quick to remind me that it would have been so much worse if all of our favorite kids were loading into the hayride while I was sick. So not the normal Halloween for us but it was still just so sweet seeing my little boy dressed up! It's hard to imagine that next year I'll have a baby dressed up in Beau's pumpkin outfit from last year (I want that to always be baby's first Halloween costume in our family!" AND a sweet toddler who is ready for tricks and treats! :) Hope y'all had a sweet holiday! BRING ON CHRISTMAS!! Haha! I love Thanksgiving too, but I've felt extra in the Christmas mood the past week or so! :) 


  1. He's so cute as a lion! Walker and Knox were both lions for the first Halloweens and it was seriously melting my heart! And, I totally had horrid migraines when I was pregnant with Knox (but not Walker); in fact, that's how I knew I was pregnant. So I feel your pain. I'm so sorry you were so sick. It's miserable!

  2. What a cute lion costume-Beau roaring totally steals my heart! I can't wait to see him next Halloween with the new baby-so exciting!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  3. I hope you feel better soon and have more good days than bad ones until this sweet little baby is born. And btw, Beau makes a great lion. I could almost hear him roar!

  4. What a cute costume! So cozy! I hope your pregnancy sickness gets better soon!


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