It's a Girl!!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

You might have seen on social media this weekend, but family will be joined by a LITTLE SISTER in May! It's a GIRL! We are so beyond excited. 

If you want to read the post like this that I wrote when we revealed Beau's gender, that is here

I had originally thought I didn't want to do a gender reveal for this pregnancy, but a month or so ago I started to get sad about not doing one. Beau's was one of my favorite days ever.. and so we decided to do one! We kept it a lot smaller than last time- for Beau's we invited everyone we've ever met, but for our girl's we kept it at family, our home group, and my two best friends... so basically all family. :) I'm so grateful we decided to do it because it was so much fun! I'll share more photos soon, there are a ton on my MILs camera!

 I think this dynamic will be so fun for our family, and you know I love that its the same as George and Charlotte. 

If anyone knows the source of this image, let me know!
I've had this photo on my pinterest for years, and it makes me so excited. I know Ben is going to be such a great girl dad. This little girl is going to have him wrapped around her finger. Beau already does, but add in that daddy/daughter dynamic and he's going to be melted.

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You might be wondering... was this my guess? Yes and no. When I became pregnant with Beau, I thought immediately that he was a boy. And then I let my guess be swayed by all of my wives tales pointing to him being a girl. This time, before pregnancy I was pretty confident I would be a mama of two boys, but the second I actually was pregnant I felt in my heart that this precious baby was a girl. I feel like in a lot of ways my heart felt girl but my head felt boy. SO many people told me they were sure I was having a boy, that I was a boy mom. So I guess I let that sink in and started to have a hard time thinking that the results would read anything but boy. When I went to College Station last month for my friend Julia's Theta imitation, taking part in the festivities there was a point when I had such a strong feeling that my little girl was taking part in her first sorority event. I know that sounds silly, and I have never had a strong gut on these things so I pushed it aside. It felt weird to think that I "just knew" because ultimately I didn't know if I knew.. haha! So there's my answer! I kind of knew but kind of didn't. When we read the test results I cried many happy tears, I felt so connected to our girl! It feels so crazy to know this early (almost 15 weeks now, found out at 13.5, found out with Beau at 20!) but it's really fun because even though my pregnancy timeline is the same, I'll know for some important little things like being able to get an "it's a girl!" ornament for our Christmas tree, and being able to do a little Black Friday shopping for our sweet girl. 

I'd love to hear of some sweet memories you have with your daughter if you're a girl mama, or sweet memories you have with your own mom, AND I'd love to be sent lots of fun places to shop for little girls! :) 


  1. This is so exciting! My mom is definitely one of my best friends and we have so much fun shopping and decorating together. She's actually coming this weekend to help me with Christmas and I can just imagine your little girl wanting to do that with you!

  2. Congratulations sweet Strader fam! God is so good :)

  3. Oh Victoria, I'm so thrilled for all of you. You KNOW how much I love being a momma to 3 daughters and a grandmama to twin baby girls. Ben is a wonderful daddy to Beau. But you'll see a whole new side of him when he holds that precious baby girl...a side you didn't even know was there! That daddy/daughter bond is really something special. Lots of love to you, my friend, and I pray you get that sweet little legacy a few years down the road!

  4. How exciting!! Congratulations! I'm a mama to two girls (21 months & 4 months), so I'm biased, but IT IS THE BEST! Since my girls are young, we are still establishing our traditions, but this year, we bought a white Christmas tree that is completely decked out in pink. Each year, the girls will get to pick an ornament to add to "their" tree, and we'll see how it grows over the years. It sounds a little cheesy, but it actually turned out really cute. My oldest loves having it lit up in her room and asks for the lights first thing when she wakes up in the morning. As far as shopping, we love The Proper Peony, Janie and Jack, Smocked Auctions, Smocking Bug...the list goes on.

    The daddy/daughter relationship is such a real thing. My oldest loves me, but she LOVES her daddy. They are completely crazy about each other, and I think seeing their relationship grow has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood. It's already starting with our 4 month old, too. She lights up when he comes in the room, so I'm mentally preparing to not be the favorite anymore soon, and that's OK with me.

    Enjoy it! Baby girls are their own kind of sweetness...and the shopping is just a total bonus!

  5. I am SO excited for you, Ben, and Beau! I grew up with two sisters & I absolutely loved it. My oldest sister has two kids now; a son first and then a daughter & their relationship is so precious :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  6. A girl! How exciting!! Of course it's a dream like George and Charlotte! ;)


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