Our Love Story: Part Five

Monday, November 6, 2017

Let's pick up the pace on this love story a little bit.. what do ya say? :) We soaked up the rest of the best summer ever with our friends and started dating. Those days were so new and sweet. 

I moved into my BEAUTIFUL dorm at Baylor University, and Ben moved in in College Station at A&M. Spoilers are rampant in this part of the story because y'all know we both graduated from A&M! :) Let's go back to the dorm. Why did I think those colors were a good idea? Anyone who has ever asked my design advice is freaking out right now. Haha!! 

Moving in was hard.. I was going from such an amazing high school experience to knowing very few people. This is where I can't miss on sharing some things that if you and I don't share the same faith, you may think I'm a little hokey pokey. And that's okay, haha! Just try to read with an open mind, either way. :) I felt so miserable at Baylor, and was so grateful to have two great guys I went to high school with there at Baylor. Although I don't feel like either of them would mind me sharing this story, I'll leave their names out just for respect. :) Although anyone from high school that reads this will know who I'm talking about.. anyway! So one of them was a strong believer in Christ, and the other one wasn't at all. So as I was struggling with wanting to be at Baylor, the one who wasn't a believer was too. We both were trying to maximize our weekends away and then during our four day weeks in Waco, we all spent tons of time together. Those friendships really and truly were extra sweet. I had tons of time with my non believing friend where we'd end up having deeper conversations about faith. I remember being in his truck off campus running errands (pretty sure we went to Academy and Chick fil A) and him asking me "so you really do believe this stuff huh?" motioning to his bible he had to buy for a class. God was writing so much bigger of a story than Ben and I that semester. He was saving one of His children, my dear friend. Hold onto those thoughts for a minute. 

I mentioned weekends away. My very first college weekend I went to go visit Ben for his 19th birthday. We had our first kiss that weekend. :) I was grateful to have a few girlfriends down in College Station that I could hang out with and stay with for those visits. They were such a source of life for me. Ben and I loved spending time together and our relationship progressed fast. We were really serious about each other. I knew I loved him and wanted to marry him one day. Something I should note about our relationship is that before we ever dated Ben told me upfront he wouldn't ever say I love you until he was getting engaged. Super rare and standing out, but it speaks so much to his character and is one of the many reasons why I love him. 

This photo is from the one and only weekend that semester that I stayed in Waco! I knew I wanted to move to College Station. I felt foolish "making the decision for a boy" but honestly I felt so much more at home in College Station in general than in Waco. CS felt like home. Waco did not. Still spent tons of time with non-believing friend (and believing friend!) and they made the weeks at Baylor really sweet. Non believing friend also considered transferring to several different schools but wasn't as serious about it as I was. I'm pretty sure I signed a lease in College Station in like, October. I was set on my decision and knew that I wanted to attend A&M. 

I don't have a ton of photos from this portion of the story.. but we went home for Christmas break, and I spent a ton of Christmas with Ben. His family already felt like family to me, we had a White Christmas, and it was incredibly sweet. When the holidays were over, I moved to College Station. 

I tried to cultivate friendships there, joined Aggie Sisters for Christ for a semester, and settled in. The decision to leave felt right. Things were going well with Ben and I, but we were young and just super dialed in on each other. This is why so many high school couples break up for the beginning of college, we needed to figure things out for ourselves. 

This photo was taken on Valentine's Day of 2010, just a few days before we broke up. YEP. You read that correctly. Those who know us in real life remember this well. Literally in the Valentines Day card Ben wrote a line teasing about how many times we'd probably end up celebrating this day together.. and a few days later he came to my apartment out of the blue crying and broke up with me. He felt convicted that our relationship was moving too quickly, and in my own paraphrasing, we were too obsessed with each other. He felt like that was going to spiral out of control at some point and felt like he needed to end the relationship. To say I was blindsided was an understatement. It felt like such a huge betrayal. In the months ahead our friends and family would feel the affects of this deeply. I feel like our break up shook so much around us. While he was still at my apartment, I packed my things and left to drive home. I called our youth pastor's wife and drove straight to their house and spent the night with them. The beginning parts of that weekend were a blur. On Sunday I had to drive back to College Station and try to move forward. Multiple times on my drive between Fort Worth and Dallas "believer friend" called me and begged me to stop in Waco to see them. He kept saying how good it would be for me. I told him no. He called me a final third time and said he wouldn't ask again but really wanted me to stop. I hung up after declining. Then the Lord spoke more clearly to me than He ever has in my life. I knew I needed to go to Waco and ask my unbelieving friend where he stood with God. I knew that he was being called to follow Christ and wanted to encourage him in that. I called Believing friend back, told him what I felt and he said "Okay awesome this is great let's do this." So long story short, ended up together in my car outside of Penland Men's Dorms and the second I brought up the topic our friend fell into tears and surrendered his life to God. One of the coolest things I've ever been apart of. Even at my most broken, God was close and was using me to further His kingdom. Looking back, this was the sole reason for my time at Baylor University. I believe that with my whole heart. Believing friend is now a missionary in Asia, and non-believing friend now also believing friend is happily married and has been following the Lord faithfully since. 

I went back to College Station with a heart full of praise. Ben and I met up to try and get some closure, I shared the story with him and also that I felt like we still needed to be together, and he said this story confirmed he had done the right thing. Womp womp. 

More soon.... :) 


  1. This series has been so fun to read! Can't wait to hear how things turn around after reading the last paragraph!

  2. You're teasing us, Victoria! Love this sweet story!

  3. I am loving reading this story. What a sweet reminder it is that God's plan is so much bigger, and greater, than our own.

  4. This is such a sweet story, I LOVE it!!! Side note- I went to high school with Maxcey & I was also in ASC (a few years ahead most likely) but it's crazy our paths have never crossed!

  5. Ha, our story is very similar! My husband and I started liking each other my senior year of high school (his freshman year in college). He wanted to start dating over the summer, but I put off making the decision until I started school in August. Then after all that time waiting, I told him no because it felt too momentous to start dating someone seriously at the very beginning of college! Of course it didn't take too long for us to get together. Also, I told him that I didn't want to say "I love you" until I knew we were getting engaged! Funny. You can read our whole story here if you want :)


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