A Christmas Day in the Life

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Let's remix this prompt to a Christmas WEEKEND in the life.. haha! We packed in so much holiday fun this past weekend that I need to share it all! It was one of those weekends that went by in the blink of an eye. We weren't home at all really, but it was so full of sweet times! I'm going to need to take it easy after two busy weekends in a row.. last weekend and then this Thursday-Sunday I'll be in Orlando on a girls weekend to go to all the Christmas festivities at Disney World. I'm SO excited! Being away from Beau is never fun, but I can't wait to get him a special ornament and have some mama refuel time.

Friday night we had our Home Group Christmas Party. It was SO MUCH FUN! We ate at a place called Pinewood Grill and it was a really jolly, hustling and bustling environment. We had a long table and everyone ordered a ton of food and it just made it really fun. These people are such an extension of family to us and so it was really fun to celebrate another year together.

Beau spent the night with Ben's parents Friday night while we were at the party and Saturday morning we picked him up and went with Ben's dad to Fort Worth to do some business stuff for him. We stopped for some good old fast food breakfast on the way.

At the metal yard taking care of a few things!

Loving his time with Pops.. and in his jammies too!

But then all of a sudden it was just way too much to handle and he was out. 

My sweet cuddly boy!! When we got home I ended up taking a nap when Beau did. We hadn't gotten settled in bed until midnight the night before and we got up at about 6:30... so preggo mama was tired haha. 

Then we met our friends to go to the Gaylord and to see Santa. Kayla and I felt like goobs showing up in the same shirt, haha! You can really tell that my pregnant belly is starting to show itself in this photo!

We waited in the Santa line for photos, hoping Beau would do better than last year when he cried, haha!

Group photo made its way into this photo mix haha. 

Santa photo success! Sort of. Last year at the same place they had the camera on a tripod with a flash and it was just choosing between the shots of your actual child.. but this time it was a girl with the camera like walking around and turning the camera and getting different angles. We didn't realize how bad the quality of this photo was until our second Santa photo of the weekend! 

Sunday morning selfie after church. Love my happy boy! 

Can you tell someone was excited to be at the Polar Express? Haha! 

You might notice he's wearing two different pairs of pajamas.. my mother in law got some matching ones for the kids right before so he wore those and then spilled a ton of water on himself so I changed him into the pajamas I had originally planned on him wearing. 

One of my favorites from the day.. loving his daddy! 

Beau truly loved every moment of the train ride.. it was so sweet! 

I loved Beau in his little hunter boots.. but he did NOT like them haha. He didn't want to stand in them and kept trying to sit down and take them off! 

Someone loves his granny! 

As you got off the train they sprayed "fake snow" aka bubbles on us to make you feel like you were at the North Pole. 

This photo pretty much sums up that experience, haha! 

We decided to skip out on the little performance at the end of the train ride and go beat the line for our Santa photo. You got a $9 credit from riding the train so the 5x7 photo cost us only $2... I share this to tell you of our $2 photo vs our $30 one. YIKES!!!!! 

Here's our Santa photo... probably on the naughty list with that tongue out but it shows his little personality so I love it!! Isn't the quality difference crazy?! 

This was actually Monday but Beau and I painted a plate with his hand and footprints.. I can't wait to get it back from being fired and will share a photo then! :) 

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  1. I love Beau's pictures of his tongue out--they are the cutest!!! We always go to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in December to look at decorations so I can't wait until we go this year!

  2. love seeing the holidays of your little family! it looks like such a fun time!

  3. What a fun filled weekend!!! I love that plate - I bet it is going to turn out so darn cute!

  4. Love the picture of him with his tongue out! That is just too cute! I've gone to the Gaylord in Florida before and it is beautiful!

  5. Looks like y’all had so much fun and made some wonderful family memories. We’re headed to Disney this weekend too! Maybe our paths will cross. :)

    1. Trying to edit my comment, no link to do so. Are you able to edit?

  6. What a fun weekend!! That picture of the two of them on the train is adorable! Beau looks so big!


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