My Christmas Wishlist

Monday, December 4, 2017

It's so fun that I've shared wish lists each year on my blog.. they're fun to look back on. So many of those things I've received, a few I've gotten and returned because they're weird (looking at you, fridge coasters!!!) and some are still on my wishlist to this day! I'm so excited that Sarah and I are hosting again this year.. and that we're including Emily as a guest host today!

Hair Mask- This seems like it would be fun and luxurious, something extra sweet to get in a stocking!

Belly Bandit Support Maternity Leggings - I just plain need a pair of nice maternity leggings and I keep hearing that these are amazing!

Ugg Boots- I know. I remember these being so trendy when I was little. I'm pretty sure I had purple ones. Cool! But since I got Ugg slippers I just keep thinking how nice it would be to have a pair of the boots to wear with leggings and whatnot during the winter. I've been really into "cozy" things lately. Ben and I always laugh about how I'm trying to be an advertisement for cozy wrapped in blankets and wraps and whatnot with my slippers and a face mask. So this style of uggs has caught my eye for sure!

The New Pioneer Woman Cookbook- I love all of her other cookbooks so I know I'll feel the same way about this one! :)

I've had my eye on this gorgeous deer print tote for ages.. it would be so cute for all seasons, especially with the stamped on monogram!

I'd love to receive this Fresh Lip Treatment gift set.. I love these and would enjoy trying the different ones! I'd also love to get the single one, in the color "Poppy" :)

I put these on Sarah's wishlist a while back and I can't stop thinking about them... I want them too! Haha! I feel like I would get so much wear out of them!

I love these sheet masks and I would always love to get a few more! :)

If wanting collapsible tupperware for Christmas is wrong.. I don't want to be right. Haha!

My lips are always miserable chapped no matter what I try I feel like.. now I want to try this lip conditioner to start with a fresh slate! Hoping Santa brings it in my stocking!

What's on your wishlist this year? 

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  1. I want to try out those lip treatments -- adding them to my list! Thanks so much for hosting the linkup!

  2. I got the sweater uggs last year because I felt like they were less bulky, and I love them. The perfect shoes to throw on with leggings and stay super warm! (Not that we really ever have trouble staying warm in Texas, ha!)

  3. Yes you definitely need that Barrington bag! I always get so many compliments on mine! And i have some uggs that fold down partially and now I'm asking for slipper--opposite of you ha!

  4. I've never tried the Sugar lip products but I see them all the time and I'm SO curious. Ugg slippers are the best - I'm sure the boots would be equally as comfy. I'm totally all about the comfort too.


  5. That tote is on my wishlist too! I think it might be purchased next year for my birthday in January though.

  6. I have that same Barrington tote on my wishlist too-it's the perfect print for Fall and Winter!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  7. I got my uggs years ago and still love them so much! That cookbook is on my list, too. I just love The Pioneer Woman!

  8. I love my uggs and wear them daily. And yay for maternity leggings-- they are the BEST!

  9. I would be happy with anything on this list! I too love the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks! I try her recipes all the time!

  10. Those Barrington bags all look so cute! I'm in need of a hair mask, so I will definitely look into the one that you posted about!

  11. If you are looking to get rid of chapped dry lips once and for all, I cannot recommend the Laneige lip sleeping mask highly enough! I wrote a thank you note to the Sephora sales lady who recommended it, haha!

  12. Love the Barrington tote! They are so cute and remind me so much of the louis neverfulls but at a MUCH better price point... may need to add that to my wish list haha!


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