26 Week Pregnancy Update

Monday, January 29, 2018

Also known as first pregnancy update. I didn't think that I would fall into the trap of second child, less updates. I totally have though. In so many other areas I feel like I've resisted this cliche, but here we are. Haha! Lots to share though.

How I've felt:
  • Honestly this pregnancy has had a lots of ups and downs as far as how I'm physically feeling. At first I felt like I felt better than I did with Beau.. but now I can't tell if this time around has gotten a lot worse or if it's just harder because I'm taking care of Beau during the day and trying to be present for him, therefore draining my energy and ending up sick. I'm still taking Diclegis (nausea medicine) and my doctor said there's no reason to stop. She said she thinks I'm probably just one of those people whose body can't handle the hormone changes and just gets really sick. I always laugh when people say they think that morning sickness is a gender wives tale, haha! For me it just means, hey you're pregnant! Still throwing up at least a few times a week, and the medicine makes me extra tired. It's been hard emotionally too as so often I have felt inadequate and like I'm "surviving not thriving". That sounds so negative but it's kind of true. Lots of things have felt like an uphill battle and I haven't been good at all at juggling the plates. That's a reason why my blog has taken a backseat. During times I would usually work on it I'm just plum exhausted. 
  • It's been emotionally hard feeling like I'm not balancing things well, not taking care of all of my responsibilities well. For me, that ends up with feelings of frustration and stress and low self esteem. I need to kick this in the booty- big time! His grace is sufficient!
  • SO excited to add a new member to our family. I know this seems like a major contradiction to all that I've just shared but I can't wait for Beau to have a sibling. Our excitement for her is so multifold.. but I'm not worried about the transition for Beau at all because he LOVES people and other children. I feel like her presence is going to be such an encouragement to him and to us. In our family group text when I see pictures of our niece and nephew playing together I've found myself sad because of Beau not having that.. but in a few months he will! As for managing two children? I'll figure it out. I've done a few things to prepare for this.. like always Beau used to eat breakfast right when he wakes up. Now I've started pushing it back to 30-45 minutes after he wakes up and has his cup of milk. This has helped him be less picky at breakfast, AND will give this mama time to feed sister before he needs attention in the kitchen too.
  • I have sooooo many feelings about welcoming a little GIRL into our family. We've always hoped and dreamed for the presence of both genders of children in our family. I'm so confident in how God knits together families with genders, ages, age gaps of children... but this is just something we've dreamed of. But throughout the beginning of this pregnancy SO many people kept telling me I was a boy mom. That that's just who I am and so that's what this baby would be. I don't think anyone meant anything by it but I really am in a groove of what it feels like to love and care for a precious little boy. So I'm in this limbo between crazy giddy excitement over a daughter- and not just the excessive amount of bows and sweet outfits I've been buying in change of season sales- but in the meaningful joys of having a daughter. I will probably share more over time but this relationship is something I'm extremely excited to experience for the first time. Yet, then the fear creeps in of knowing how much I have loved having a boy. Working on our sweet girl's nursery, choosing a verse to pray over her life, buying some sweet clothes, etc etc have been really fun for me to get ready. 

What I've done/ordered: 
  • I booked our newborn photos before I was even 12 weeks! Originally my bestie Meredith was going to come out to take our photos, but then she had a joyful surprise pregnancy of her own. She's due about a month behind me. So she did a ton of research for me and found a photographer locally that she thinks I'll be happy with, and I agree. :) Can't wait for some beautiful images of my two babies. 
  • One of the first things I ordered for Little Sister was her baby book. I loved pouring over Beau's in the evenings before his arrival, and I'll start hers in February. I've been so incredibly pleased with the style and setup of Beau's book, so getting the same one was a no brainer decision. I love that they released a pink one just in time for us having a girl!
  • I am GIDDY about the prospects of matching my babies. I almost think that boy-girl coordinating is sometimes cuter than straight up same gender matching. I love how you can have a slightly different version of the same thing. Who am I kidding? It's all cute!!! I've ordered two sets of matching pajamas- from TBBC (boy + girl) and Kissy Kissy. And I also ordered a matching set for me and little sister! Y'all know I'm a sucker for nice pajamas.. so I'm really excited about these
  • Speaking of things I'm a sucker for.. our girl already has two outfits for around her first birthday oops #1 and oops #2!
  • I did get her this strawberry bubble for this summer- one of my very favorite pieces I've picked up for her so far! 
  • I've been SO into working on the nursery. I have such fond memories of working on Beau's and then being so excited to show it to him for the first time.. I love it. I would spend tons of time in his nursery just daydreaming about him and sitting with my feet up, and now Beau and I usually spend at least a little while playing in sister's room too. Those memories of just enjoying the nurseries in anticipation are so great. I shared before that this is the bedding set I chose (in white), and this weekend I finally picked out a crib sheet (the floral one!) 
Normal Pregnancy Post Things:
  • Stretch Marks- Nope! I've been using this cream as a prevention though.
  • Maternity Clothes- I'm living in these maternity leggings, my two favorite pairs of maternity jeans (here and here) and flowy tops. Counting down to when I can wear dresses every day!
  • Weight gain- Came on a little bit quicker this time but is about the same as with Beau. With him I stopped gaining after 31 weeks, so I'm hoping staying active will let that be the same! 
  • Movement- This little girl is moving like crazy! She's sitting up a TON higher than Beau was which makes me not super hungry towards the end of the day. 
  • Baby Size- My app says the size of a Napa cabbage!
  • Looking forward to- my baby shower in a little over a month! :) 
  • Food Cravings- None, really! Just simple meals honestly. Water, fruit. Beau and I are both loving smoothies. :) 
  • Sickness?- Kinda already covered this joy above haha! 
  • Labor Symptoms- Nope! 
  • Sleep- Sponsored by the snoodle pillow. Seriously I would sleep terrible without this. I'm so grateful that for the most part I sleep good during pregnancy. 
Hoping to be better about sharing updates the rest of pregnancy! :) 


  1. I was super sick with Walker, so I totally understand how you're feeling on that front. And, taking care of another child *while* feeling awful is seriously one of the hardest things in the world. Just know that you're doing a great job. I really struggled with feeling exhausted from chasing after a very busy (very fast) Walker when I was pregnant with Knox, but I looked at those hours of downtime just relaxing together or watching TV together as that special time with just him that I would never get back, and I was thankful for it! You're doing great!

  2. You're beautiful, Victoria! And Beau is so blessed to be getting a sister. I wouldn't trade my 4 brothers for anything! Stay strong!

  3. So sorry you're feeling yucky! I'm on the same boat and know how hard it is emotionally and physically! Hanging on to the truth that His grace is sufficient! The only thing that's helped me is eating more protein (which sounds awful when you're that sick - I know!) but the little improvement has been such a gift! So excited for you and the Strader crew!


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