Little Sister Strader's Nursery Progress

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

We are the type of people that wake up on December 26 and start wrecking shop on our house, haha. We put the Christmas decorations down, purge things we don't need, and organize. This is our version of Spring cleaning. I know some of y'all might bah humbug this.. but we just love enjoying Christmas and then taking it right down when it's over. This year we truly tore the house upside down because we turned our guest room into the new nursery, and put up Beau's new bed in his room. And we moved around a few other pieces of furniture, too. So it became instant chaos that honestly took us a week to work through, because we wanted to add in a ton of relaxation too! 

The guest room was full of a bunch of storage stuff so soon after breakfast I went in there and spent a really focused 45 minutes and just dealt with stuff. Pile to sell, donate, trash. Execute! The room was a clean surface for Ben to come in and take down the bed. We're keeping it, but just don't have room in this house. We packaged it all up tight and put it in storage for when we have a guest bedroom again one day. 

Next step was painting the room! We went back and forth on if we should hire painters but ultimately opted to not. The color is Behr My Sweetheart, and we're REALLY pleased with it. At first I thought that I might lighten the shade some in an ideal world.. but now I think it's perfect. 

Yay! It felt like such a victory when the room was finished. In between painting we had a quick anniversary getaway, and had lots of other fun things going on. Our break was the perfect balance between productive and relaxing. 

And here's what it looks like now. Well, the bedding I chose did arrive, but not a whole lot else has happened. I ordered a special monogrammed pillow, but it's not in yet. Next will be figuring out art, and adding some more special details! 


  1. Love that sweet pink color for a sweet girl! Looks good, mama!

  2. So sweet!!! And it's the perfect shade of pink!

  3. What a sweet nursery! I love the color on the walls.

  4. Love the progress so far! Can't wait to see it all complete!

  5. Love the color you chose for the walls, perfect for a sweet little girl! May I ask where your crib is from? It looks like such a beautiful heirloom piece!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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