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Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm baaaaack! You might not have noticed my absence, or maybe you have. I stopped abruptly blogging at the beginning of December because of some family things that took priority, then enjoyed our long Christmas break, and then just didn't feel super motivated to return. Something that felt pretty unusual for me, because I LOVE writing this blog. So I decided to wait it out, and here I am! :)

I thought I'd jump back in by sharing some little snippets of what we've been up to and things I've been enjoying lately!

  • I love that anytime I use instagram stories I get a ton of sweet, helpful responses from people. On New Year's Eve we scrapped our plans because it was icy on the roads that morning and this pregnant mama was scared so we hankered down at Ben's parents' house for the evening and spent the night. Ben was staying up late doing a puzzle with his brothers so I fell down the Whole 30 research train and was chatting with people about their experiences doing Whole 30 while pregnant. We ultimately decided not to do the Whole 30... but we've been eating a lot healthier and minimizing our sugar intake (and dairy!) and so I've been using a lot of really cool resources. The most helpful one that I found was on "Style Your Senses" a blog I've loosely followed for awhile but have recently been OBSESSED with! That link goes to her ultimate Whole 30 guide. We've been eating a ton of Whole 30 meals and honestly the thing about Whole 30 is you eat REALLY good on it. We've loved eating some of the recipes in her roundup. Pinch of Yum has also had some really good resources like this guide for buying products that don't have added sugar. 
  • I haven't done any goal planning for the full year.. it just seems like it's going to be too broken up to me, with a new baby coming in May. (I get more and more excited every day!! Nursery update will be my next post I think!) I did, however, make a list of things I want to be conscious of and accomplish before Little Sister Strader is here. I've already crossed off a few action steps. For my big goal of creating more moments for Beau and I to create joyful memories during the week, we had a step of joining the library. We went last week and got a smoothie, got our library card, played for awhile, and checked out a few books. The guy working at Jamba Juice gave us a bigger smoothie for the cost of the smaller because he thought Beau would like some. Sometimes if things are too cold he just spits it out but let me tell you my child chugged no less than 12 oz of this giant smoothie. He was OBSESSED! So I want to start making him smoothies if y'all have any recipe recommendations for little ones. We had so much fun at the library!! 

  • I've added a lot of different products into my skincare routine, so I should probably do a full update on that, but wanted to address one thing really quickly. When I started using Tula cleanser I posted about it in passing and it's been one of the things I'm asked about the most. Months later I still love it, will never use anything else... and have a husband who loves it too haha! The other day Ben got out of the shower and was like "my skin feels luxurious because of the fancy skin care routine I just did. I exfoliated!!" And I was like okay there's nothing in the shower to exfoliate with, haha! Come to find out he just used the face wash but thought his face used very fancy. Haha! Highly, highly recommend. I haven't had to get a new container since I first bought it at the beginning of summer, either. A little bit goes a long way which helps with the price tag. 
  • This time around pregnancy wise, I've felt like my belly has gotten SO much bigger faster. Which is sort of true but also it is about the same size as it was this time with Beau. I can't believe I'm 24 weeks!! Anyway, I've been living in a few things. I don't know how I ever lived without these maternity leggings. My inlaws generously gave me some money to get a few maternity staples so I ordered the leggings, and two of these tops and it's been my uniform. I truly wear the leggings daily, and the tops are such great quality. I think I'll wear these until it gets warm, and then it will be dresses on rotation until we meet our girl! 
  • Speaking of meeting our girl.. I feel like with Beau the anticipation of pregnancy was all we knew so it made it extra fun. We were excited to meet him but didn't know what it would be like so I feel like I didn't wish the time away as much as I am now. It's such a bittersweet feeling because on one hand I want to soak up every second with Beau, but on the other hand I know he's going to be obsessed with having a sibling and I just want to meet our baby girl. I am seriously having dreams almost every night about what it will be like in the hospital. I mentioned earlier that we've been doing a lot in the nursery, but I've also been thinking about things like outfits and swaddles for the hospital, for newborn photos, etc. And ordering some things. Those little things just make me feel so connected to the baby and the anticipation just grows. My baby shower is at the beginning of March, I'm so excited!! I think after that too because there is so much going on it will feel like time is going by really fast. 
  • We usually don't go to the 7:15 Saturday night service at church, but this week we decided it would be fun to take Beau in his jammies, keep him out of the nursery and with us, and just see if he would fall asleep and snuggle us during worship. Ha!! It ended up being such a sweet time. He slept most of the time and when he didn't he sat still and was so good for the most part. I really do think that since he's so social he's picked up on cues for social situations since he was teeny tiny. There are for sure times when he's a normal toddler and is just over mommy having a lunch date and wants to go play but a lot of times he reads the situation. Makes me such a proud mama. Also, that was his last time to wear his sweet little fox jammies, they were a bit snug, so they're going in the box with special things I want to save for our other babies.
  • He's always changing, but right now Beau is all about being where his mama is. This photo is from Sunday when I was baking cookies and he stood right there with his hands on my legs not letting go as I mixed ingredients. I'll also give y'all one guess who dressed him in that mix match outfit.. hint.. it was not me! Haha! 
  • I'll probably do a whole post on things I've been shopping for Spring and Summer with my babies in mind (two! so fun!) but the baby girl old navy section is SO cute right now. Last night I texted my friend a photo of this gingham romper that was marked down to $6 and she responded "FREE!" haha! 

  • The other day after Beau had a quick doctor's appointment, his Granny took us out for ice cream as a treat for him being so good. These little outings always end up being my favorite and I just love spending quality time with my boy! 

That's all for now!! Excited to be back into the swing of things! XO



  1. Welcome back! Glad to see all is well with the Strader Clan :)

  2. Welcome Back! I take the boys I nanny to a really great story time on Thursdays in Grapevine! We would love if you joined us sometime. Looking forward to seeing the baby girl nursery, Happy New Year!

  3. Yay, you're back! I've missed you so much but I'm happy you've enjoyed a break. Beau is looking so much more like a big boy now. What a lucky little sister to have such a sweet brother! You look amazing, Victoria, by the way. Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back! You've been missed!

  5. I love that Beau loved the smoothie! I love hearing all your baby planning even though I am not currently having a kid, it just gives me so much to look forward to! :)

  6. My son loves smoothies too! Like, will guzzle down ones just full of kale and spinach and fruit (even ones that I have a hard time choking down). I get ALL my smoothie inspo from Naptime Kitchen (@naptimekitchen) on Instagram (she's in the process of starting a blog). All of hers are pretty much made for adults but my son has yet to refuse one and I love that we can just make a huge one and share it together!


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