February Goals

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Whoops! I clearly skipped goals for January, which is ironic because that's the one month when most people who don't usually post goals, do. Haha! I saw something on instagram that said it is January 74th, and it does feel sort of true! It's been a good month for us for the most part, but it still feels like Christmas was about a year ago. We have lots to look forward to this Spring, but I'm trying hard not to wish the time away. The presence of my sweet little Beau really helps with that, I want to savor every second of each stage he is in. It's really hard though, to not want to rush it all to get to the day we get to meet Little Sister! I feel like when I was pregnant with Beau the only thing I knew was baby prep and feeling close to him by those little things in pregnancy, but now I know of the joy at the end of the journey and I just want to meet our girl so bad! I'm so excited and think about that moment all the time. It is just such a gift. I really am having a ton of fun doing baby prep though.. working on the nursery and ordering things for newborn photos and whatnot. I have a feeling February will go quick, but these are the things I'm trying to squeeze in! 

February Goals: 
  • Continue with 2 desserts a week
  • Continue with 30 minutes of some sort of physical activity at least 5 days a week
  • Wash all the clothes that Beau wore that can be worn by Little Sister and hang them in the closet 
  • Finish 90% of the nursery 
  • Enjoy celebrating turning 27! 
  • Keep going on sweet adventures with Beau
  • Finalize Beau's birthday party invitations and stamp and get ready to mail 
  • Start working on some of the decor for Beau's birthday party 
  • Look for a cute swimsuit to order for Beau 
  • Reorganize Beau's closet 
  • Send little Valentines to Beau's friends :) 
  • get two prenatal massages (wahoo!)
  • get our 2017 photo book ordered 


  1. great attainable goals for you! I need to work on a family photo book for us, but starting the year Jack was born haha.

  2. Where do you order your photo books from?

  3. Yay! Massages sound oh so nice! Can't wait for little girl to arrive either!


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