Friday No. 76

Friday, February 23, 2018

No. 1 
A few years ago I needed frames for a particular spot in our home, and I had exactly what I wanted in mind. I specifically wanted larger mats with 8x10 photos and white wood frames. The exact proportion I had in mind I could only find at West Elm at the time.. and I really do love them, but the $100 price tag for three frames isn't my normal life. Target now carries almost identical ones and I picked up a few this week after moving the West Elm ones into the nursery. I'm having to hold myself back from buying several more and just hoarding them in case of discontinuation, but I love them and wanted to share!

No. 2

I can't stop won't stop with matching pajamas for my babies. Especially because I'm sure that for May that's what we'll be living in. So I ordered these precious lemon ones for my little people. Beau will get his in his Easter basket I think! :) For toddler + baby.. soooo soft!

No. 3
On Sunday night we had a Valentine's Day dinner with our home group and it was so much fun- all but one couple made it and enjoying dinner together was so sweet! Side note the dress I'm wearing is one of my absolute favorites for pregnancy and non pregnancy. I'm not sure why I'm sharing that because I bought it two years ago and it isn't available.. haha! but you know how every so often you purchase something that just randomly becomes something you can wear all the time? This is one of those!! Even two of my friends wore it to special occasions while they were pregnant last summer. Thank you random Free People dress for being so versatile!!

No. 4
Last Saturday afternoon we played Monopoly with Ben's brother and his best friend and had SO much fun. Notice Ben was drinking some juice from Trader Joe's in a wine glass to make it fancy, haha! It felt so nice to just play a game and not be at all focused on any sort of tv event or technology. It was hard for me to say yes to playing because I felt like I should be using my time better but it was such a fun time!

No. 5 

Probably embarrassing to share this photo but whatever!! I ordered this robe to take to the hospital when Little Sister is born because I wanted something pink to wear, haha. I had planned on saving it and keeping it "fresh" for that but when I tried it on I instantly fell in love and have been wearing it daily. I literally sent this pic to my friend to say that it was one of those days I just needed to put my robe on at lunch yesterday, did not intend for it to make then log but WHATEVER!! Haha! It's a perfect weight.. it's light but still cozy. I'm in a medium and it is still super roomy and comfy with my almost 30 week baby bump which is also measuring a week ahead. :) Highly recommend. I've now become a robe person! 


  1. Those little pajamas are precious! I get sucked into buying matching pajamas for the boys constantly. I just know they won't like it forever, so that's how I justify it. ;) Happy Friday!

  2. Excellent news on the picture frames at Target. Those little lemon pj's are so cute. I love HA clothes. They hold up so well!

  3. Those pjs are too darn cute! Playing board games / card games is one of my favorite things, that I don't do near enough. It's really the simple things!

  4. All about those lemon jams!! So cute!

  5. Those little pajamas are TOO sweet-I'm obsessed! My husband gifted me the Barefoot Dreams robe for Valentine's Day & I'm so thrilled to wear it, I think it would be great for mama's as well :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  6. What a lovely group of ladies - looks like you have a great friendship group to be treasured! Cutest jim-jams! We do no tech days (for me until recently this was most days!) - Monopoly is so much fun - just watch for when the kiddos get old enough to play and get uber-competitive haha! The Star Wars version is fun for the boys when they get to about 5 - would highly recommend it. All the Best from England to Texas - Joanne x


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