My 27th Birthday Wishlist

Friday, February 2, 2018

Honestly I keep forgetting that my birthday is next week! In general I'm not someone who is all about my birthday, but it is still a sweet celebration of another year. Two years ago Ben and I went on a special and fun date in between my birthday and Valentine's Day, and so I'm hoping we can replicate that again. Here are a few things I wouldn't mind receiving as birthday gifts! :)

I have my eye on this eyeshadow palette. I'm not super motivated to buy any clothes for myself until after Little Sister is here, so I'm thinking that some new eyeshadows would put some pep in my step! :)

I also need to replace my powder.. this one is what I want to try next!

This might be boring but I really want a spare sheet set for our king sized bed. I just love plain white sheets and I think with the busy season we have ahead with adjusting to two little ones it would be nice to be have an extra set to make the sheet washing process each week a little less filled with urgency.

Right now all I want to do is buy things for my sweet babies.. I'll always happily receive a gift card to The Beaufort Bonnet Company. My younger brother actually got me a gift card from there for Christmas and it was one of my favorite presents because when the second launch of their Spring collection released, I was ready! :)

I like this top and think it would be great for postpartum!

I've honestly had no interest in a trendy pair of mules and then all of a sudden this week it hit me how comfy and easy they must be to wear- I love this blush bow pair!


  1. I’ve found the best sheets at Sam’s! Plain white or white damask stripes, they are 100% my favorite!! So soft.

  2. You would not regret those mules--I have them in gray suede and wear them allll the time! :)

  3. Those mules are super cute! I haven't jumped into the trend yet either, but I do want to!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, poor choice to look this over now that we have started Financial Peace University! Haha those shoes are beautiful :) Happy early birthday, Victoria!


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