Friday No. 77

Friday, March 9, 2018

Hi! Long time no talk.. every time I think I'm back on my feet this pregnancy it's a fake out. :) I finally got past morning sickness at around 27 weeks, but then my bigger issue became what turned out to be really low iron levels, and feeling like I'm going to pass out multiple times a day... my supplements started kicking in and then Beau and I both got sick with just yucky winter cold gunk. It's been discouraging, I'll be honest! I genuinely feel like I haven't been operating on my full energy level since August. I find myself daydreaming about how much I used to be able to accomplish or even just enjoy in a day. But it's such a short season and I'm grateful to carry our baby girl! It's crazy that she'll be here in just 8 weeks! Wow! This weekend is my baby shower and I'm so excited to get together with people I love and celebrate her precious life. Anyways, I really would love to be regularly posting, but at this stage of the game any amount of energy I have is going fully into caring for busy toddler Beau and just keeping things in our household functioning at a very basic level, haha! I have a ton of post ideas but anything with any amount of prep required is just not happening right now.. so we'll see.. because even as I type this I'm like "well, maybe!" but basically thank you to y'all for sticking around with me for this new normal. I am planning on sharing a list of my favorite baby products from Beau's newborn days + new things I'm excited to try, and a few other things!

No. 1
I love Blake Lively and so I really enjoyed this interview with her trainer about how she list 60 pounds after her second pregnancy. I'm not on track to gain anywhere near 60 pounds, but the article really normalized her celebrity and I just found it really fun to read.

No. 2
I shared this photo on instagram the other day of the bookshelves in the nursery that I just finished. I had realized that we didn't have any girl books so it was really fun to order a few!

If you have a little girl.. what are your favorite sweet little books?

No. 3
In the next few weeks I'm going to finally be sharing a roundup of my favorite baby products, plus what new things I'm planning on testing out this time around. I can't wait! If there are any specific things you want addressed, message me! :)

No. 4
The Bachelor has been much talked about this week.. and on a semi related note, I enjoyed this interview in which a ton of the contestants shared their "camera ready" makeup products and tips!

No. 5
Since we moved into this house, my nice has loved coming over and washing her hands in our bathtub, haha! It's so fun to me that now Beau has picked up on this himself and is constantly wanting to wash his sweet little hands. I never want to forget these precious little moments! 

Happy Weekend! We have such a fun one ahead. Tonight marks the start of Spring Break, which means Ben is home for a WEEK! Amazing!! Tonight we're hanging out with friends, tomorrow we have big plans to work on Beau's new playroom, and Sunday is my BABY SHOWER!! I am so excited!! Hope y'all have a good day!!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures from the baby shower and to see what theme it is! You'll have to send me a few! So jealous Ben is off this coming week! I have to wait a whole week haha!

  2. Okay I seriously LOVE that article with Blake's trainer-it just made me feel SO much better and made her seem so much more REAL!

  3. I'm so sorry this pregnancy has been tough! Thankfully I didn't have morning sickness the second time around (but did horribly the first time), but I was so much more exhausted chasing after very busy Walker. Praying you get some much-needed rest soon. (And girl, I totally gained 60 pounds, ha) My boys both love playing with our tub faucets and it's so cute!

  4. As much as it is truly a blessing and comforting that you KNOW it's short-term, feeling incapacitated as a pregnant gal or even a new mama can feel a bit hopeless... you're so close, though, friend!! Hoping this week with Ben home is a very sweet one!

  5. Ugh. I'm so sorry you've been so sick! It's hard being pregnant with a toddler, but it's even harder being SICK and pregnant with a toddler! I sure hope you're on the mend and finding some relief! I loved that interview with Blake Lively, too. There is such a stigma on women and celebrities with weight gain. The normalcy of the interview was refreshing :)

    Happy weekend!

  6. I have a boy,6, and a girl, 2, but we never did end up buying some cutesy fun girl books but I've just added a few of those in your collection to my Amazon list! I don't know why we never did but we need to!


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