Friday No. 78

Friday, March 30, 2018

No. 1
Sugarloaf Co. sent me these adorable bows for little sister. I've had so much fun looking for girl things but there are so many bow shops it's hard to figure out which one is best to order from. Camille makes these bows and prays over the little girls that will wear them, praying they will know of God's great love from a young age. That was the absolute sweetest thing to me and I'm so excited for sister to wear her sugarloaf bows! The quality of them is so great, I'd highly recommend. 

No. 2
Last year Beau had see wee sandals an although I love them, I wanted to try out the Freshly Picked sandals since we loved their moccs so much when Beau was itty. Already have a few pairs ready to go for sister.. the mary jane style kills me. I ordered him these two pairs of sandals and am so excited to get them in. The little buckle doesn't have a prongs which i'm really intrigued by and think I will love! 

Navy Sandal ("Maritime")

No. 3
We had our second annual Strader Farm Easter egg hunt on Palm Sunday and it was such a great time with our home group. I shared this on Instagram, but during the actual hunt it was super windy and Beau didn't care at all and just wanted me to hold him. Sweet heart! I'm soaking in these moments with him. This pregnancy continues to be tough.. right after I posted my 33 week pregnancy update I had another passing out incident that's left me whooped still. So I constantly feel like I'm falling short and missing moments with Beau. I was not at all mad about getting to sit in the middle of all the egg hunters and get some time with my precious bubba! I'll recap the hunt next week with some tips on how to host one for next year!

No. 4
Just wanted to share this little photo of what our days look like a lot recently. :) When I'm not feeling good Beau wants to be RIGHT there by me. Haha! As these moments have played out its felt like the moments before Ben gets home barely scoot by. I often think of this post my friend Emily wrote. It left great impact on me as a mama. Right now I'm in a season of wanting time to move quickly because we are so excited for our family to grow, but the quiet moments of just playing with Beau are what my life has been made of for the past two years and I wouldn't change a thing. 

No. 5
One product that I didn't have when I first had Beau was a Milk Snob.. and I constantly thought about if I should buy one and ultimately didn't but still even with him this year there have been multiple times I almost got one. I got one as a generous gift at my baby shower (in gray stripe!) but I just saw this Oh Joy! exclusive pattern one at Target on a super mom of almost 5's insta stories and now I feel like we might need two.. haha!! 

I'm so excited that Ben is off work today for Good Friday! Family time has been extra sweet lately, and we have a few projects to cross off the list this weekend. I'd really like to have hospital bags 100% packed. Mine is like 20%, sister's is 90%, Ben and Beau's are 0%. I guess Beau's is a Granny and Pops bag not a hospital bag but still. I want to have all his special outfits packed up and labeled and ready to go for when he becomes a big brother. :) I also want to hang some things in the playroom so I can take photos and share our progress on the blog. Last year on Good Friday we took Beau to Chick fil A for the first time, so I'll leave you with this wonderful throwback photo. :) 



  1. Love those little sandals! We just bought June the next size up in the same style of Salt Waters she had last year that we loooooved :)

  2. My sweet friend, I SO wish I lived closer so I could help you with laundry, housework, errands, etc. Stay strong...God has you! My thoughts and prayers are with you especially in the days ahead. Love you!


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