March Goals

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Looking back at these goals checked off was REALLY good for me. I've truly felt like a bump on a log since August with the challenges of this pregnancy. I tell Ben all the time how discouraged I am feeling like I can't operate at normal capacity, but I honestly achieved a lot of what I wanted to this month. The one thing I really didn't touch (washing baby clothes) was intentional because I decided to wait until after my baby shower this Sunday- then it's "GO" time! I was thinking the other day about how much I LOVE Spring. I don't know if it's because I will have had two Spring babies, but I don't think I've given the season enough credit. It's always one filled with celebration. Last Spring was so fun because we had Beau's first Easter, our trip to Disney (still one of my absolute favorite adventures with our boy!), Meredith came to visit and take his one year photos, and his birthday party. I have started to think... DO I LIKE SPRING MORE THAN FALL?!? I don't know the answer, but the two seasons always feel so refreshing to me. I'm honestly excited for this summer too, it will be slow days with a newborn and adjusting to life as a mama of two, but I'm REALLY excited because I know Beau will be all about swimming and outdoor water activities. I can't wait to start gearing up the water table again for him. 

March feels like our April did last year... hustle, hustle! We have so much going on. A family wedding, my baby shower, my nephew/sister in law's birthday, one of my best friends' son's first birthday, Spring Break (WOO!!) and Easter landing early this year. We're only two weeks away from our Home Group Egg hunt! And my brother will be in town for Easter weekend. I've mentioned this here and there but he has spent the last two years traveling the world and golfing professionally, but he hung up the towel and has moved to London! All the more reason to keep visiting one of our favorite cities! I have a feeling that the rest of this month is going to fly by.. 

February Goals:
  •  Continue with 2 desserts a week  This has become not hard at all.. my appetite has been really low and I've only been wanting small portions
  • Continue with 30 minutes of some sort of physical activity at least 5 days a week This can't technically be checked off.. this month was rough for me from the start physically, I shared about passing out the first week of February at my glucose test, and then I really had a hard time with feeling the same way once or twice a day for a few weeks until I got on the correct medication I needed.. so I wasn't grooving on that but now it's warmed up again I'm excited for walks.. and I for sure used light weights at home more times than I honestly felt like doing based on how I was doing physically. 
  • Wash all the clothes that Beau wore that can be worn by Little Sister and hang them in the closet 
  • Finish 90% of the nursery 
  • Enjoy celebrating turning 27! 
  • Keep going on sweet adventures with Beau
  • Finalize Beau's birthday party invitations and stamp and get ready to mail  I hesitate to share this.. but between my friends and I, we've all had literally HORRIBLE experiences with small businesses lately. It's really disheartening. 
  • Start working on some of the decor for Beau's birthday party haven't been able to do this while waiting on the invitation :(
  • Look for a cute swimsuit to order for Beau 
  • Reorganize Beau's closet 
  • Send little Valentines to Beau's friends :)  although I still have four of these in my car for people we haven't gotten to yet, whoops!!!
  • get two prenatal massages (wahoo!)
  • get our 2017 photo book ordered 
March Goals:
  • Celebrate little sister at baby shower (I am SO excited!!)
  • Transform Ben's office into an office/playroom- a project we're both SO excited about 
  • Wash all the baby clothes we'll need for the first few months
  • Make a list of anything we need to purchase for the hospital or newborn days and order
  • Have hospital bags packed by the end of the month, including Beau's bag with all his special big brother outfits and treats 
  • Plan everything for Beau's 2nd Birthday- heart break over my baby being so big!! 
  • Enjoy Ben being home from work for a WEEK!! Yay! 
  • write and mail all thank you notes
  • complete the "before baby" parts of sister's baby book 
  • enjoy a sweet and reflective Easter with friends and family
What do y'all have planned this month? :) 

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  1. Ugh so sorry to hear you're having bad experiences with small businesses :( It's always so important to make sure someone is established and has lots of good reviews! It's so great to support small business, but they have to hold themselves accountable too (I say this as an entrepreneur myself)!


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