What I'm Putting in Beau's Easter Basket

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Last year I had SO much fun putting together Beau's first Easter basket. I included his first swim suits, sandals, and because we were taking a trip to Disney World the weekend after Easter, I put all of his Disney outfits and our Magic Bands in there. It's so silly because I literally put them all in there to take them out myself.. but it sure is fun, haha! 

This year I'll be including a swim suit or two (this rash guard is so inexpensive and perfect!), a new pair of sandals, a new pair of jammies, a few Easter books, and some favorite snacks (my little bubba is going to go absolutely nuts over his own chocolate bunny!!) Not really anything that I wouldn't have bought otherwise will make the basket. I'm going to be real with y'all.. a big reason there won't be a new toy or anything in the basket is because I'll probably put together a "big brother" present for Beau to open at the hospital when his sister is being born just a month later. So that little boy can wait a month for a few more fun things, haha! #excessivemama but I can't help myself! As far as what I have in mind for toys, Beau's gotten really rowdy in the bath recently so I think a few bath toys might bring his focus elsewhere. My in laws have a little basketball hoop in their tub that he LOVES! I also like the look of this scoop to keep all the toys in. And these pipes look fun too! 

I ALWAYS think that a book or two can make a great Easter basket addition.. or if you're not super pro Easter basket it'd be sweet to just tie a ribbon around one or two books. Below are some of our favorite books about bunnies and the bible, haha! :) 

What will y'all include in Easter baskets? :) 

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  1. We love "The Tale of Three Trees!" An older couple from church gifted us with that book when Walker was born and it's one of our favorites!


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