April Goals

Monday, April 2, 2018

I've been SO excited for April. It means the home stretch of this pregnancy and we are SO ready to meet our girl. I have the last few preparations planned out and it just feels like it's time for us to be a family of four. I'm just ready to jump into what life is going to be like. We have a ton changing in our family right now and I can't wait to share as things unfold. I'm ready to be back into consistent blogging, I miss it so much. It's been such a sweet part of life for such a long time now and I hate that this hard pregnancy has lead to its neglect. You'll be sick of hearing from me soon. I'm working on a bunch of posts that will go live around when baby girl is born with the same kind of things I shared when Beau was born.. how we named her, her nursery, I'll do birth story, etc etc. I'm so grateful for this blog creating space for me to write out all of those thoughts. Any who, I'll also try and pepper in some things that aren't about baby. :) It's pretty likely that I won't post May goals. Although my due date is a few days before Beau's birthday (May 11) for several reasons my doctor thinks it's best if we go ahead and induce at 39 weeks. There's also the obvious chance that I'll go into labor before that, but at the latest we'll meet her on May 2.

March Goals:
Celebrate little sister at baby shower (I am SO excited!!)
Transform Ben's office into an office/playroom- a project we're both SO excited about  will be sharing this progress soon!
Wash all the baby clothes we'll need for the first few months
Make a list of anything we need to purchase for the hospital or newborn days and order
Have hospital bags packed by the end of the month, including Beau's bag with all his special big brother outfits and treats
Plan everything for Beau's 2nd Birthday- heart break over my baby being so big!!
Enjoy Ben being home from work for a WEEK!! Yay! 
write and mail all thank you notes
complete the "before baby" parts of sister's baby book 
enjoy a sweet and reflective Easter with friends and family

April Goals:
Host a Freezer Meal party for our home group girls night and share about it here
Celebrate Beau's British Bash 2nd Birthday
Celebrate our close friends' little girl's baby dedication
REST before we meet our girl at the end of the month/very beginning of May!
share playroom photos
photograph the nursery to share when sister is here

What do y'all have planned for this month?


  1. I can't wait to see all of the details from Beau's party!! Hope your April is so sweet :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Love the British themed birthday party invites!

  3. I am so excited for all the baby girl updates! Due to much life craziness, I had to take an extended blogging maternity leave, so I'll be circling back to post a bunch of new baby stuff alongside you! :)


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