Our Love Story: Part Eight

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Last time I published a part to our love story, I promised not to wait three months in between installments again. Here we are at two months. YIKES! An improvement, but still. Life has just continued to eat my lunch lately and as much as I love and want to be blogging, there just hasn't been that margin in my life. Beau's nap times are also mama's nap times. Only three weeks left of pregnancy and I'm giddy about it!

Where we left off, things were looking good. And they were. Shortly after returning from our trips we officially got back together. The photo below was taken on the day of that conversation.

We enjoyed the rest of the summer and headed back to school in the fall. It was so fun to finally experience the worlds we'd built in college together. There were of course some growing pains adjusting back into each other's worlds but we wouldn't have changed it. I remember on the first day back at school we stumbled into a conversation about how we had both prayed that this wouldn't happen unless it was for forever this time. So basically we went into our junior year of college certain that we'd get married sooner or later.

On June 1 of 2012, shortly after we finished our junior year, Ben proposed. Exactly a year previously we had been on our Romania trip. We got married on December 29 of that year. We're approaching five and a half years of marriage. We've bought three properties, sold two. We've visited six states. Nine countries.

Now our love story isn't just about us. After the heartbreaking loss of miscarriage that still makes us cry together on occasion, I took a positive pregnancy test on September 14, 2015. I was pregnant with our baby boy. Marriage made us feel like our own little family in many ways, but Beau William sealed the deal. He's the best thing that's ever happened to us.

And on September 1, 2017, another positive pregnancy test. One day I'll share with y'all about the depths of the Lord's sovereign timing here. In early November, we found out our precious baby was a girl. She'll be here in three weeks or less.

This is "the end" of our story, but in so many ways it feels like it's just the start. The love we have for our children has given more and more meaning to our love for each other. Having a family together is truly the most precious gift and I never for one single second want to take for granted what life would be like without being married to my best friend in the world. Truly just so grateful!


  1. So sweet! So enjoyed hearing your story. Also, yall got engaged on the same day my husband and I got married! How fun! :D
    Happy almost mom of 2!

  2. Love, love, love how you wrapped up this story-so sweet!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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