Friday No. 80

Friday, May 25, 2018

No. 1 
I loved this article about Kate Middleton wearing a repeated outfit to the Royal Wedding. Completely agree!

No. 2
Need to let a little bit of guilty pleasure show for a second. I LOVE the Bachelor. And have a few favorites. Even though she's always gotten an edit as a "crazy person" Ashley I. has always been one of my favorites from the very start. I've always felt like ABC portrayed the relationship between her and Jared a little skewed and so this video absolutely MADE MY WEEK. It has a bit of language, just an FYI. But the last couple seasons of the bachelor I've felt pretty meh about the couples so honestly this romance has me so fired up, haha! It seems incredibly genuine to me. I know this sounds so dumb but this truly has brought me so much joy!! Haha!! :)


No. 3
I loved this kitchen transformation so much! Not even specifically because I really love the design, but because I love that this family of 5 made their space so functional for their family while being beautiful too! The first two blogs I ever read were Young House Love and Bower Power.. so it's been fun to read over the years. Its funny because I remember Katie sharing about how they struggled for a long time to get pregnant with their second baby.. and now they have FIVE! Haha! :) 

No. 4 
This week I've finally felt some of the challenges of having two babies, haha! Beau has had croup and just overall been sick and sad and not himself. He's wanted to be held constantly and I obviously haven't been able to accommodate that as much as he would like.. its just been a lot to balance. And we've had a bunch of other stuff going on so i'm basically screaming TGIF this week. It's amazing the little areas of grace I've seen though. Sophie has been such a champ. The photo below is from Beau's second doctor's appointment of the week. I have never used a carseat cover but did to try and protect Sophie from germs. Couldn't have gotten anywhere without that double stroller action, haha!


  1. I just love the article about Kate Middleton's wedding ensemble. I, personally, thought she looked flawless - and classy - and it was relatable as heck.

    Totally unrelated, but that UPPAbaby stroller is serious #goals right there.

    Happy long weekend, mama!

  2. gosh, royal wedding speculation gives me LIFE these days!!!! haha!!!! i have had all the questions about kate's dress, duh. but... bottom line is she looked amazing. and JUST had a baby!


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