Naming our Daughter

Monday, May 21, 2018

Sophie Charlotte Strader

The process of naming Sophie was a lot simpler than naming Beau. We had picked out Sophie before Beau was born. We found out he was a boy the week after Christmas, so on Christmas Eve of 2015 we actually got presents addressed to both "Baby Boy Strader" (we didn't have Beau picked yet!) and to Sophie! It's just a name I'd always liked. We liked the SS initials. Sophie Strader just sounded like our daughter. I always say that I wanted to be able to imagine the name written out on the kindergarten desk name tag. I could always envision Sophie Strader. So when we found out we were expecting her, that part was easy. For anyone wondering, we never picked a boy name. Right before she was born a small part of me panicked that if somehow she came out a boy (even though we had seen the girl parts several times on sonogram and my doctor hasn't seen the blood test we did be wrong!) we wouldn't have a name. When Sophie was our boy name for Beau, it went along with a different middle name than what we ended up with. She was going to be Sophie Katherine. So many people guessed that the "C" in her monogram was for Catherine! Before I was even pregnant I had my friends often reference things that "looked like Sophie Kate would like them!" But when it came time and there was a baby growing in my belly again, it just didn't feel like the right fit anymore. Not that this totally should wipe it out, but I feel like I know so many more people who have used Kate or Katherine as a middle name. It just didn't flow as much for us anymore. A friend suggested Charlotte after dinner one night and I was immediately sold. It may seem like an obvious pick for us because of Princess Charlotte but we didn't get there right away. I guess now any other children we have will need to follow suit and have the middle name of either Kate, George, or Louis! I'm actually writing this post on the afternoon of the Royal Wedding and am interested in venturing out to Harry (we'd probably use Henry, also my brother's name!) or Meghan (my niece's name so not likely!) or the names of any children they might have had by then. :) We have one more girl name picked out and the middle name doesn't follow this tradition so we'll see. It's been the sweetest thing putting a face to the name that's held meaning for us for so long. We used to talk about "if we'd ever have a Sophie" and here she is! 

How did you pick your baby names? 


  1. I love this!! My pick for a middle name was Sophie Claire, but Josh really wanted to name her after my sister (Kamin, but who we call "K"), so we went with Sophie Kae. I'm clearly a friend of C/K middle names, myself. ;)

    We're going into the hospital with two names each for boy and girl and letting the girls help us name the baby after the delivery. They are so invested and don't want us to make any decisions without them!

  2. I love her name! You're right, Sophie Strader just sounds right :)

  3. I didn't even realize it until I read this post, but both of your babies have royal middle names! I love it!!

  4. Where is her little gown from? It’s the sweetest!


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