Sophie Charlotte's Newborn Photos

Monday, June 18, 2018

I'm so excited to share our beautiful girl's photos with y'all today! We had such an incredible experience with our photographer (Emi Joy Photography). To be perfectly honest, Beau was in a wild mood that day. He woke up just feeling really sensitive and the best time for the session was right before his nap and right during lunch. He ate during a lot of Sophie's solo shots. When I got the gallery of photos in my email I was absolutely blown away by how you couldn't tell that Beau wasn't interested in participating at all haha. I'm so thankful for these photos and honestly can't believe that I get to call these three people, mine. I have a bunch of fun posts planned soon and am really excited to get back into a groove with blogging. I just love it so much and miss that routine! :) Happy Monday! :) 


  1. So precious Victoria! Your family is just lovely!

  2. These are beautiful and you look amazing in that RP dress!!!

  3. oh my gosh. these photos are unbelievably gorgeous!! i don't even know how you would pick favorites. what sweet, magical babies you have!!


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