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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

First, a note. I'm not receiving emails of comments so I can't reply right now which is making me so sad because so many of my comments have sweet messages about Sophie that I want to reply to. I'm working on this. Does anyone know how to fix? 

I still can't believe we have a pink room in our home. It feels completely surreal. We have a baby girl. My sweet Sophie. Creating Beau's nursery was such a meaningful experience for me. I spent hours and hours pouring over the details of his space. When we found out he was going to be a little boy, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted for his space. His nursery at our old house still makes me really emotional even though we moved when he was just four months old. Planning a girl's nursery was harder for me. There were so many more directions I could go and options before me. I love the color lavender, and I think that a girl's nursery with a cornflower blue color base is absolutely stunning. The only detail I knew for sure is that I wanted to use the same beautiful white iron crib for all of my children. Shout out to Beau William Strader for transitioning to a twin bed easily at 19 months old. But ultimately I had to land upon my own favorite colors, blush and white, for my baby girl's nursery. 

This Ballard Designs mirror has been on my wishlist since before Ben and I got married. So many bloggers that I admired had the mirror. I saved so many inspiration photos that included it. It was discontinued for a few years but when it came back I didn't have a reason to buy it. Then when I started planning Sophie's nursery it came to mind and my vision for the room finally clicked based off of this mirror. I really wanted something that would be beautiful in her room for years to come, but could also be moved elsewhere in the house if I desired. The second we hung the mirror I felt like I finally knew the direction the room was headed. It was more than I would usually spend on a piece like that.. but I had just cleaned out a ton of stuff and sold it on our neighborhood Facebook group, and decided it would be worth it to invest in something I knew I would love for years to come. 

On the other side of the room (that isn't pictured) is just the closet that has two double doors, and this hook with her coming home outfit currently hanging on it. It was really sweet to me to choose a Feltman Brothers dress for Sophie to come home in, because Beau came home in a Feltman bubble. The weekend of my birthday (in February) Ben took Beau and I to Dallas for lunch at one of my favorite places and to check out a few boutiques that I wanted to stop by. We went to Layette (a beautiful children's boutique!) and I talked with one of the ladies who worked there for a long time and when I told her what I had in mind she pulled out all the newborn Feltman dresses that they had in the back. I am so pleased with the one I chose. And I can't wait to get a painting done of it, hint hint husband haha! 

 The rug that I ended up with was the third one that I tried for this space. Yikes. My poor husband was SO sick of wrapping rugs and taking them to the mail shoppe to go back. When I ordered this one his requirement was that it could be returned to a store we could drive to and be done. But it was the winner for the simple nursery I had in mind! My friend Courtney suggested it and she was so right that it's perfect for this space. It's thin while still being soft and has a ton of texture and I truly love it. It also makes a good photo backdrop, I think! Haha!

I know this is silly but I really wanted a sweet spot to display a monogrammed bonnet. I got Sophie this white seersucker one from our favorite place for children's clothing, The Beaufort Bonnet Company. The outfits that Beau and Sophie wore in the newborn photos are also from there. I ordered the bonnet just a few short weeks after we found out we were expecting a girl. It's in the size she will wear next Spring and it will be perfect for Easter, the beach, the pool, etc. It's just such a classic piece that I know she'll get a ton of wear out of and I'm so excited about the classic look. Speaking of their outfits.. I really regretted not doing a bow swaddle for Beau's newborn photos. Especially because of his name, it would have lead to a really punny instagram caption. :) Ben thought it was too girly, but I should have pulled out my mama veto power, haha! I had decided with this baby either gender we'd do a bow swaddle, because I love the look so much. Sophie looked beyond beautiful in hers, and I'm so glad I went with it.

Even though so many nurseries have these bookshelves, I still wanted to include them. Not only are they practical, they're beautiful. Easy to change up for variety of look, seasonally, or whatever. And I was really excited about bringing some girly books into our library.

In an ideal world this wall would have been wallpapered with this from Caitlin Wilson Design. But I don't know how long we'll be in this house so the investment wasn't ultimately a good fit for us. 

One of the questions I've answered over and over (happily!) is where Sophie's monogram pillow is from. It's truly one of my favorite pieces we have for her. I think it's something she can have for years to come. 

My closest friends put so much time and effort into throwing Sophie and I a gorgeous baby shower, so it was important to me to include the shower invitation somewhere. It will eventually move into Sophie's baby book, but will stay framed for at least a year. 

I'm so pleased with how the nursery turned out. Even with Sophie just almost six weeks old, we've already spent so many precious family moments here. When I was pregnant I used to sit in the rocker often and daydream about my girl, praying for her. Beau has loved her room since we transformed it from a guest bedroom, and so we often played in here after his afternoon nap. I can't tell you how many times I sat on the rug and looked at my favorite outfits from the closet and tried to imagine the face of the little girl who would wear them. I'm so grateful to be Sophie Charlotte Strader's mama, and to have gotten to create my dream nursery for her! 

Crib: No longer available from RH Baby & Child (similar)
Glider: Nebraska Furniture Mart
Crib Sheet (the other one we use is this)
Shoes on bookshelf 

My Dress: Sold Out from Rachel Parcell (similar here and here)


  1. I love that pink color and those buffalo check curtains! (Walker's bed skirt and shams are tan buffalo check; I ADORE that print!) And, it's apparently a Blogger issue with Gmail that they're working to resolve. It's happening to a TON of bloggers (including me). SO frustrating!

  2. The room is just precious, Victoria! Are you sure you're not an interior designer? Seriously, this whole post should be in a magazine!

  3. i'm in LOVE with the wall color!! you have outdone yourself with this gorgeous room!!!!!

  4. A beautiful and tranquil place for a baby girl to grow!! Well done! It's gorgeous!
    -Kristen //


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