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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

As our family has grown, I've gotten a ton more questions about motherhood, so I thought I would take the time to answer a few. :) Hope this is fun to read!

How do you adjust and create a new routine? 
Here's the thing, you just do it. That's probably not helpful, haha. There will be times when you feel overwhelmed but you have to just look at the things you need to do, and press on. If I want to be overwhelmed by the circumstances of caring for two small children, I very easily could. I think about the things that are priorities to our family.. I also think it's important to be realistic and know that everything isn't going to go smoothly and perfect at all times. :)

Tips for feeling confident/losing baby weight?
I have my moments where I feel blah but overall I just have to be so amazed by what my body has been able to do carrying two precious babies. It's so mind blowing to me how God has designed our bodies and the whole birth process. Ultimately I'm a really big believer that if you are active and eat healthy, your body will reflect that in how you feel! I lost all my baby weight from Beau, and I am committed to doing the same for Sophie. Why? Because I want to feel healthy enough to be able to run around and adventure with my family. I want to feel good enough to give them an energetic mama. I want to feel healthy so that I ultimately spend less time thinking about myself and what I look like and my weight so that I can focus on things that really matter. There will always be times where you're feeling weird about the changes that your body has been through but I think tangibly, trying to eat as healthy as possible during pregnancy really helps, while still making sure your body is fueled, and treating yourself sometimes. :) Everything in moderation! I'm honestly going through a whole different journey with these things as I've been nursing Sophie for much longer than I pumped exclusively for Beau.. and that leaves your body with a whole different set of needs. That being said I feel good and have really felt good since delivery. I still have weight to loose but I'm fine with it right now.

How do you sleep train? 
Before having Beau I truly didn't know that there were controversial things about how you raise your baby. Like I really thought that as you came home from the hospital they gave you instructions and you just followed them and that was that. A big old LOL to that!! I know sleep training is not for everyone, but for us it's been really life giving and it's helped us feel like our babies are set up for success. I've mentioned this before, but Beau had to be trained in the night to know how to sleep, and Sophie just knew as soon as we gave her structure during the day. We follow a method that's somewhere in between the "Moms on Call" method and the "Babywise" method. If y'all have more questions about this I could do a full post!

How do you know what to put on a baby registry? 
The thing about baby products is that something can be great for one family, and not so great for another. I read so many reviews and made so many notes and read so many blog posts and tried to figure out what our parenting style and family dynamic would be like.. I knew before registering that some of our gear would need to be good for travel, so that was a factor. I knew I liked a more classic style. All of those things are a factor. Ask friends of yours that are parents for their favorites, too! I have shared a lot of our favorite things in my monthly posts for both babies.. you can search for those by typing in like "month" or something to my search.. I'll try and update this with a link that easily takes you to all of them. :)

Deciding on baby names.. will we like these names when our kids are older?

Your favorite places to shop for Sophie? And coordinating sibling sets?
Finding things I like for Sophie is SO much easier than for Beau. Boy things that I like are just a lot harder to come by, so many of his things are ordered online.

For Sophie, I love Gap, Old Navy, Lilly Pulitzer, Janie & Jack, Nordstrom, Target, ANYWHERE... haha! My absolute favorites come from boutiques and my favorite brand for both babies is The Beaufort Bonnet Company. Another source for matching jammies is Hanna Andersson.

Don't y'all think she needs this for our trip to Boston/Nantucket? Haha!

A few of my recent favorites for baby girl:

Do you like the Uppababy Vista as a double stroller?
We continue to be obsessed with our stroller. I couldn't survive without it, truly. It's never hard to open or close, or hard to get the babies situated. It sounds goofy, but knowing that I can always depend on my stroller eliminates so much stress for me. From the very start, going places with two hasn't been intimidating to me because of how much I love this stroller haha. It's a major splurge but it's been so worth it for our little family.

That's all for now! I'll do another one of these soon! :) 


  1. This post was so fun to read and definitely one that I'll be bookmarking! Love your attitude on post-pregnancy body image! Thanks for sharing these answers!

  2. I would absolutely love to see a dedicated post about your sleep training, we're bringing our first baby home in September and I'm so nervous about making sure I get him on a good sleep schedule as soon as it's possible!

    xoxo, SS

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