July Goals

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Honestly my goals for the past few months have been as follows:

  • Cuddle babies 
  • Take photos of babies in matching outfits 
The end. :) Not really. Although I haven't blogged goals since Sophie was born, I don't feel like we've "snoozed" goals over the past two months. Two months. Dagger to my heart that she's two months old, but whatever. Haha! I have her two month update almost ready to go, I'm so glad to be able to record these details so I don't forget. I've loved looking back at Beau's old ones. 

Anyway, this is the first July since the first summer after we got married that we won't be taking at 16-17 day trip abroad. It makes me really sad but I realize that's not something at all that you can complain about, haha! We just miss our family in England and really look forward to Sophie's first trip to meet her great grandmother and cousins. I'm looking forward to sweet, slow summer days at home with my two babies, and lots of fun adventures with their daddy, too! We've been in a major season of transition even outside of Sophie's birth (more on that soon!) and each day that goes by things settle down more and more, for which I'm grateful. 

  • Enjoy a sweet 4th of July, remembering our sweet first baby 
  • Celebrate my niece's birthday + 4 years of being Aunt Vee! I love being a mama more than anything, but being an aunt is one of the most precious gifts of my life! 
  • Spend lots of time in the water! Swimming, water table, etc. 
  • Plan details for our trip to Boston + Nantucket in early September 
  • get into a better rhythm for 
  • order photos for Sophie's baby book and get up to date for hers, and complete Beau's 2 year baby book page, also write in a few memories for his
  • actually write this blog! haha!! 
What do y'all have planned for July? :) 


  1. Hooray for a trip to New England! I have been loving the darling outfits you have been sharing for Beau and Sophie and am so inspired for our future little family! :)

    I've shared my July goals here:

  2. So sweet! Loving these goals!! Happy, happy 4th!

  3. It was so fun to spend time with my grandma (June's great-grandma) on our trip to Maine! What a blessing that our babies will actually know these ladies!


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