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Monday, July 9, 2018

To be completely honest, I stopped really cooking for my entire pregnancy with Sophie. :) I love to cook so this is sad but I was so sick and beat down that it was just the one thing that had to go. I made meals and Ben made meals but nothing fancy. I actually think the simplicity of what we were eating probably helped me gain a little less baby weight with Sophie than I did with Beau, that or the fact that I was carrying a 27ish pound (Beau weighs more now!) human weight with me everywhere I went. Since Sophie was born I've tried several new recipes and they've all been major winners.. so I thought I would share them here!

Skinnytaste Zucchini Taco Boats- I used to really not like zucchini or any "squash like vegetables" but then I tried spaghetti squash, and after that just decided that I needed to power through. Now, I know there are some really yummy ways to make it.

Had to include this photo from when I most recently made this.. having a quiet relaxing meal with a child RIGHT THERE haha. 

Eat Yourself Skinny Sesame Chicken & Vegetables- The Strader family LOVES a good tray meal. This is what we ate almost daily during my pregnancy. But this one had a fun twist and it was soooo delicious! We just ate it on it's own but you could easily serve with rice or cauliflower rice.

Andrea's Pulled Pork- Ben has probably never loved something as much as this recipe, haha! I often throw chicken in the crock pot with barbecue sauce but after I made this Ben kept asking if this could replace it. It really was delicious. I made it yesterday and I'm actually about to make some quesadillas with the leftovers, YUM!

I shared this easy crisp recipe on my instagram and honestly would make it weekly if I could. I actually might try cutting out some more sugar in it. I remember now that theres a pretty healthy crisp recipe in Bread and Wine so maybe I'll try that. Warmed fruit is just sooooo good! Haha! 

My instagram friend Mycah always posts the most delicious paleo meals.. we loved these!!

What have y'all been cooking lately? I'm loving fun recipe recommendations.


  1. Booking that sesame chicken and veggies menu right now -- that looks so easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing these -- I'm also looking forward to trying the zucchini boats one as well!

  2. AH, YUM!! Those zucchini boats!! They look healthy and sound great!! Putting that pulled pork on my list this week!! I've heard a lot about it, and I've seen Mix and Match Mama's post about it multiple times. YUM!

  3. Those zucchini boats look DELISH! We've been grilling burgers and veggies a lot since it's so hot, but I've been obsessed with using this Oh She Glows vinaigrette on those premade Taylor Farms Sweet Kale Salads. The dressing is amazing and a bit healthier than what comes in the bag. So far we've tried adding in strawberries, apples, and goat cheese. So simple but so healthy and tasty!


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