Sophie Charlotte: Two Months

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

2 Months as of 6/27/18

Weight: 10lbs 8oz
Height: 22 1/2 inches

Most of her newborn size things don't fit anymore.. cue the tears! A few "3 month" outfits are still rather big, but 0-3 is the size she's in right now for sure. We are having so much fun dressing her. Even Ben has an appreciation for seeing his baby girl in a precious outfit. My whole instagram feed is Southern boutiques so I can constantly be scoping out deals on my favorite brands. Fall collections will be out soon and I can't wait to stock up for my babies!

I keep saying that we taught Beau how to sleep well, but Sophie just knew. She's been sleeping 12 hours at night for about the past week. We've had a pretty crazy schedule so her naps during the day haven't been as great as I would have liked.. but whenever I can be consistent with her she does exactly as expected. This girl is just a dream when it comes to sleep.

Waking at 7, eating every three hours. Wake time after her feed and an hour and a half after the feed starts a nap. Bedtime at 7! Cuddles and tummy time throughout. :)

Sweet girl is doing awesome! She's taking a vitamin D supplement that our pediatrician recommended for exclusively breastfed babies (although we sometimes have to supplement for that nighttime bottle depending on what's going on!) and honestly I can't think of much to say about her health which is a huge PRAISE! Her 2 month well check was last week and it was so fun and nice to be able to chit chat about how well she's doing.

Again, can't think of too much to say about crying.. haha! She for sure cries if for some reason we're pushing her feeding. She's slowed down on getting upset when we put her in the carseat. She's cried a few times when being pulled on a bit too much by her big brother, oops! Haha!

Playing! This girl loves to stretch out and kick
Riding in the Car
the "whooooo" owl noise haha
the mamaroo has also really grown on her this month

Still doesn't love being wet but has developed much more of a tolerance! She lets me know right away if she has a diaper leak though!

  • Smiling so big, and laughing once! 
  • ROLLING OVER!! This was nuts to me.. she did it about halfway through her second month of life. If I didn't have a video I would think I made it up. She did it once when getting frustrated during tummy time so I grabbed my phone thinking I could get her to do it again, and she did! I was literally telling our pediatrician at her well check that she hasn't done it a tone though so I thought it was a fluke and then she rolled over right on the table at her well check! We were cracking up! Beau didn't roll over for another month or so.. so this was wild! 
  • Sleeping consistently through the night
Places You’ve Gone:
  • Lots of Big Brother's swim lessons 
  • to a few friends houses
  • the pediatrician 
  • lots of fun family errands

Special Moments:
  • Smiling at Beau.. melt my heart
Sophie & Mama's Two Month Favorites: 

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano: My friend Kayla's daughter Ella got this for Sophie for last Christmas, haha! :) I had mentioned wanting one because they had it and loved it, and other friends had commented on it too. It's so fun to see Sophie play her little musical tunes and also for her to start reaching for the hanging toys. I really love it! 

Amazon Bows: Not all bows are created equal, but these ones are great quality and a perfect size for the early months. Most likely Soph has been wearing these in any recent photos you've seen of her!

Paci clip: Beau never would really take a paci so Sophie liking it at all was a huge surprise to us. She was literally like a week old and I was paranoid we'd never be able to get her to stop having it and that she would go to kindergarten with it. I'm a loon. Haha! She's not quite as into it as I thought she would be but it's nice to be able to give to her when we're out and about if she's fussy at all. When she would take it I ordered this cute clip right away so that we could always have one attached to the carseat when I'm out and about with both babes and don't want to be digging in my diaper bag. My diaper bag is also a huge favorite, but it honestly deserves a whole big post! 

Lilly Pulitzer Bubble + Top for me: Our first mama and daughter matching outfit! So special just because of that, but also I just love the really lightweight outfit that still feels dressy because of the detailing and Lilly pattern. I also really love the top for me because its casual enough that I can wear it with athletic shorts for a quick trip into the grocery store or lounging at home, or I can dress it up for an outing! I honestly want it in all the patterns. 

Favorite photos from the month: 
All of our ordinary moments, put in this post for me to enjoy later :) 

My favorite photo of the whole month! My two babies smiling!

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  1. I know you have ages to go before you get to this point, but my daughter and son-in-law did a fabulous job of weaning the twins off of pacis awhile back. Maybe this will help when the time comes...


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