What I'm Keeping from the Nordstrom Sale

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Almost all of my things to try out from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale have arrived! I had several misses, but honestly so much of that was influenced by the fact that I'm nursing and things are fitting differently than I'm used to. Just being honest, haha! :) I thought I would share the things that I'm really excited about as the sale goes public so soon!

My original post with all things I thought were worth looking at from the sale can be found here!

Unrelated photo of me and my girl, because any selfies taken while trying on would have scared y'all away! Haha!!

Free People January Tee: I ordered three colors of this to try out.. ivory, navy, and lilac. I got it in a small and it's soooo comfortable but also light. Perfect for fall and winter in the South. It would be perfect to layer with a vest of some kind. I'm a little undecided on which color or colors I'm going to keep, but it won't be all three. I can already tell this is going to be one I wear all the time. It would also be perfect for travel, with leggings.

Ugg Poncho Pullover: I shared this in my previous post as my #1 pick and that stance really stays. I loved it just as much as I expected to. As a busy mama, during the week athleisure is my jam. I love items like this that let me feel a little more put together even in my leggings and tennies. I know this will be an item I wear multiple times a week. I ordered the gray and the maroon and am still deciding which one to keep. Are you noticing a theme, haha?

Waterproof Booties: When I showed Ben that I ordered these, he said they were edgy and he was surprised that I ordered them! Haha! I don't think they are... Two years ago I bought a pair of booties in the sale that I have worn and worn and worn. I love them. Even though they've now probably seen better days I won't part with them, but I thought having another option to throw into the mix would be a good idea. These ones are so cute on and extremely versatile.

Halogen Tunic Tee: I'm not actually going to keep this for reasons I mentioned above.. but this might have been the perfect tee. The size I want now is sold out at this time, but my eyes are peeled for a restock.

Mini Melissa Shoes: These shoes won't fit Sophie for at least a year, but they're SO sweet in person I have no regrets about hoarding them in her closet!

Tea Collection Romper: This romper for the winter was so much cuter in person than I even expected! A favorite for sure!!

Smocked Leggings Set: I'm so excited about this outfit for Sophie- although I'm not so excited for time to keep flying and making her big enough to fit in it, haha!

Gorjana Earring: I'm really bad about wearing earrings that aren't just a pearl stud, but these are so simple I think that they'll be easy to integrate into my wardrobe.

Camisoles: This sale is always the best for stocking up on staples. I love these!

Annnnnd I snuck in ordering these because I've been dying to try out a pair of mules and these looked great!


  1. I'm pretty sure I need the Ugg poncho!! How is the sizing?!

  2. I am really considering that UGG Pullover! You mentioned you're deciding between gray and maroon - Did you gray from last year only last one year!? I could see wearing it a ton, but I'm not willing to spend that much for just a year if that makes sense.

  3. Love all your choices! I especially love those boots and earrings! I haven't purchased anything yet (budget life lol) but I am going to try and order a North Face jacket!

  4. One of my friends always matches outfits with her daughter and I always think it is the cutest!

    Those mules are so cute and perfect for transitioning into fall! I really hope they restock some of the items soon -- I've got my eye on the rust colored Leith cardigan!

  5. Definitely just had to click over and look at those Free People shirts-I have an $20 I may just use it on the lavender one!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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