August Goals

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The start of August feels like the unofficial switch to start heading into a "fall" mindset, which is kind of silly as it will be Summer weather in Texas well into September. October if we're REALLY honest. Haha! This August marks a big change for our family. It's the first year ever that Ben isn't headed back to school. After five years of teaching he has hung up his hat! We feel confident that this was a great decision for our family, as he is practicing as a realtor full time now. There are absolutely many unknowns in a season of switching careers, even for me as the spouse, but I'm confident that Ben will do so well at whatever he does! He's developed a real passion for properties, and we actually purchased a house to flip about a month ago. I've gotten several questions about when Sophie will get to visit England, and basically that's on hold because of this transitional time for us financially. That being said it's really important to us that Sophie gets to spend time with her relatives, and that we can experience travel with her so it's on our radar to make a priority at some point hopefully before she turns one, or around then. We're going to Boston next month and we are SO excited! Beau's at an age where I think he'll really enjoy exploring a new place more than ever before, and I'm so excited to travel as a family of four! Really I should have saved those thoughts for next month's post, but whatever! We'll be celebrating a lot of birthdays this month. You might remember that last year two of our good friends had baby girls just a few days apart, Ben will turn 28, and we have several other birthday celebrations!

July Goals: 
  • Enjoy a sweet 4th of July, remembering our sweet first baby 
  • Celebrate my niece's birthday + 4 years of being Aunt Vee! I love being a mama more than anything, but being an aunt is one of the most precious gifts of my life! 
  • Spend lots of time in the water! Swimming, water table, etc. 
  • Plan details for our trip to Boston + Nantucket in early September 
  • order photos for Sophie's baby book and get up to date for hers, and complete Beau's 2 year baby book page, also write in a few memories for his
  • actually write this blog! haha!! 
August Goals: 
  • Workout 3x a week (already going strong on this and I feel SO much better!)
  • Paste in all the baby book photos I ordered as soon as they arrive
  • finish Beau's summer swim lessons strong!
  • Book our fall photos + start brainstorming outfit ideas
  • try again to get back into blogging consistently, haha!
  • Finish planning details for Boston + Nantucket
  • do my part of planning for Strader Family Ski Trip (we're headed to Utah!) and order cold weather gear for the babes while it's marked down for off season 
  • Celebrate Ben's 28th Birthday

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