Friday No. 82

Friday, August 3, 2018

No. 1 
I recently discovered J.Crew's new collection with Universal Standard. You can choose from a drop down menu what size model you want to see wearing the item. I thought that was SO cool and helpful and wouldn't it be amazing if you could do that on every website? Obviously it would take a ton more time and money to put together but it'd be awesome! This dress is so perfect for year round wear, so it's on my wishlist! I also really love this top but to be perfectly honest with you I wish it was navy and not black, haha! 

No. 2
I feel like I'm really settling into being a mama of two. There are so many differences from just having Beau but it's been such a joy having both my babies. We're in a stage right now where their nap times don't overlap very much which has left me pretty drained at the end of the day- that nap time for me to take a few minutes for myself is so life giving. So that's honestly been hard for me at different times but as I keep getting questions on advice for adding another baby, the biggest thing is just putting one foot in front of the other. I'll probably share more thoughts on this soon!

No. 3 
I really enjoyed reading this post on choosing five baby names! I wrote posts similar to this for both Beau and Sophie and love looking back on them. Interestingly enough I've gotten a lot of questions again recently about how we chose their names so here ya go!

No. 4
We have four more weeks of Beau's swim lessons before wrapping up for the summer. Before we signed up Ben was super skeptical but it has been SO good for Beau. It's given him so much more confidence in the water. I just would have never felt confident with even putting him under the water without outside guidance and it's been so fun to see Beau learn and grow in this area! It's also been fun to have our friends in our class.

No. 5

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  1. Can't wait to hear more of your thoughts on being a mama of two! I'm getting very nervous about how I'm going to handle it all!

  2. Loved your picks from J Crew! I hadn't heard about this new line yet! :)

  3. That model thing is amazing! As if I needed more of a reason to shop at J.Crew! 😉


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