October Goals

Monday, October 1, 2018

Hi! Long time no talk. Popping in because I've been really missing blogging. So let's start off slow with an easy post, shall we? It's been a busy, busy time for our family. I owe y'all a major update but it's been a major season of change for us. Ben hung up his hat after 5 years of teaching and coaching middle school. We just completed a renovation on an investment property. Although I'm now very much settled into the management of two kids, someone is awake all the time right now, so that leaves me stretched pretty thin a lot of the time. Sophie will start having her second nap at the same time Beau does in November, so that will change that a little bit. But in general, I'm feeling a lot more "on" all the time than I was when I was pregnant with Soph. I was obviously very much taking care of Beau but when he would nap, I would rest and shut down. With how hard my pregnancy was physically, I needed it and I'm so glad that that worked out.. but then I jumped right in to a totally different situation when Sophie was born. I love it so much. To be honest, this year coming to a close makes me feel kind of nauseous because it's just been so great. I love seeing the changes in Sophie each month but I also love savoring the moments of her being so little. So here's a few things that I'm focusing on this month. Really hoping to start creating more space in my life to write this blog, because I love it and miss the connections that come from it. Thank you for reading and sticking with me as my life has ebbed and flowed in terms of how much I'm on here. Would love to hear what's new with y'all in the comments! :)

October Goals:
  • Photos of Sophie in a hollowed out pumpkin  (really important item, haha!) 
  • Fall Sensory bags- pumpkin seeds maybe? 
  • A visit to the pumpkin patch, or three or four!!
  • Make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins 
  • Finish details for our family Halloween costume! I'm 95% set, Beau is 90% set, Sophie is 100%, Ben is 0%!! Haha!
  • Finish planning our outfits for Sophie's 6 Month photos/our family session in Nashville with Meredith
  • share our trip from last month on here!
  • finish Sophie's 5 month update (these are really more for my record keeping than anything else!)


  1. Yay! I'm so excited to see what you come up with for costumes this year. The photo of Sophie in Beau's pumpkin costume was adorable! :)

  2. Happy October! Your Sophie looked SO cute in her little pumpkin costume on instagram. So glad you’re wanting to write more, I always enjoy seeing your updates!


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