Our Trip to Boston: Part One

Monday, October 8, 2018

Yay! I'm so excited to share our few days in Boston today. Before Sophie was born, we knew that it wasn't going to work out for us to take her abroad right away, but that we still wanted to do a trip of some kind. On our way back from Iceland last year we had a layover in Boston and added it to our mental bucket list. We had earned a ton of Southwest flyer miles, and when we saw we could fly to Boston, it was a no brainer! :) Another major selling point was the opportunity to add on my #1 US bucket list location, Nantucket. Ben's dad is a huge baseball fan, and so the second we mentioned going to Boston he said he wanted to come to a game at Fenway with us.. so his Father's Day present was our game tickets, and granny and Pops joined us for about 48 hours. It was SO special to have them with us and made the whole trip feel really restful. 

Ben's dad dropped us off at the airport and said "see y'all tomorrow!" This was when we realized WOW OKAY TWO KIDS HAVE A LOT OF LUGGAGE. Haha! We snapped this photo when I was in the middle of trying to remember how to tie on the solly baby wrap for the first time since wearing Beau as a tiny boy. It's clearly not done correctly, haha! Fixed it right after and baby wearing made this whole trip possible haha. We learned that paring down everything as much as possible, even if the bag is bigger is a better option. Keeping this in mind for our upcoming trips to Nashville, and Utah!

Hanging with my babies at the airport. It just felt so surreal to be doing our favorite thing as a family of four!

We chose to put Beau in his car seat for the flights and it was the best! He's not at a level of maturity that he could sit in a seat well. We had such a great experience with him sitting in the carseat. 

Out of order.. haha! But a pic from the airport with my cuddly girl! 

That magical moment when BOTH of our kids fell asleep before takeoff. WHAT?! Beau woke up for a little while when we took off because of the noise and motion but then did great for the rest of the flight. I also successfully tackled my first in public nursing in the airport and on the plane! Haha!

When we arrived in Boston, we had been delayed so it was already getting closer to dinnertime. We checked into our hotel and fed Sophie and were ready to go out to get a quick dinner and it was pouring rain. We decided to go ahead and abort mission, let Ben run and get us burgers at the nearby Shake Shack, and I stayed with the babes in the hotel room. 

The next morning we knew we had a few hours before Ben's parents arrived so we decided to head out to walk the Boston Public Garden and to get some breakfast!

We let Beau wear his jammies just because we were headed to a casual breakfast, and because I clearly wanted to get some photos of him in his duck jammies at the duck statue! Haha! We had read "Make way for Ducklings" leading up to our trip. 

Out and about with the double stroller! I truly could not survive without this thing. 

My girl in one of her first times to really wear shoes. Precious!!

So fun experiencing a new place for our first time traveling with our girl!

After breakfast we went back to the hotel to feed Sophie and wait for Ben's parents. We were SO excited for them to arrive. If you're wondering why they didn't just come at the same time as us, they had commitments at home on Monday night. We got lobster rolls for lunch and then set out to cross the river and check out MIT and Harvard.

Crossing the river!

We have so many photos of feeding Beau in different places so I loved snapping a photo of Sophie eating out and about!

We walked around the campuses, stopped at Mike's Pastry for a few treats, and Beau experienced his first bee sting outside a library at Harvard. So sad!! Haha! 

We went back to the room to change and freshen up and head to Fenway for the baseball game. I am not one to really enjoy sporting events but this was SO FUN! The atmosphere was absolutely unreal. I can't even describe it. It was so much smaller than you would think and felt so retro and fun. It was enough to make me a Red Sox fan! Haha! 

Clearly Beau was enjoying himself, haha! He didn't nap that afternoon and my child NEEDS to nap.. he fell asleep on Ben's shoulder after we walked around for a little bit. 

Ben's mom was so excited to get a photo of Beau in this glove! 

Told you Beau fell asleep. So sweet. 

I was loving holding my girl so close!

As soon as we got seated with our ball game food, Beau was awake and ready to watch some baseball. 

Our happy group!!

I love this photo because Beau isn't looking at the camera, but at the game! So stinking sweet. 

Stay tuned for the rest of our trip.. I didn't plan on splitting it up but it was just way too much, haha! :)


  1. Such sweet pictures and what a fun time! Boston is on my list, too. Brandon travels there for work and I've always wanted to tag along on the tail-end of one of his trips and make a weekend out of it.

  2. It looks like y'all had an amazing time! I'm so glad you enjoyed your experience in Boston and I'm excited to read part two :)

  3. Looks like such a fun trip! We recently took our first trip as a family of 4 and it’s so fun. Also love your style!!


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