Thanksgiving Week Sales

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I was chatting with a few friends about the things that I love that are on sale this week, so I thought I would just put this up here to share with y'all! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! XO
  • One of my absolute favorite sources for occasion dresses, Rachel Parcell, has a ton of markdowns. 
  • I was recently thinking about what I think are two retailers that you could get ANYONE a gift card too and they could find something great. Weird thing to think about but I was, haha! I decided on Nordstrom and J.Crew. Nordstrom is obviously a bigger umbrella than J.Crew but it's such a classic place with pieces that can work for anyone of any age. I imagine when I'm a grandma I'll be popping in for a sweater, haha! I ordered the plaid dress for Christmas Eve church, but here are another few things that caught my eye.
  • I know everyone you've ever met in your life is probably trying to get you to buy Beautycounter this time of year.. but I've really loved the products that I've tried. All of the skincare stuff below is stuff I have owned for awhile and loved. The oil and resurfacing peel might be my top recommendations. I use the oil alone right onto my face before bed, or mixed in with moisturizer. The peel makes my skin literally look better over night like magic. I was skeptical but love it. If I'm wearing lipstick, it's the sheer in either "rose" or "petal".. that about covers it! Haha!
  • The Beaufort Bonnet Company's 40% off doesn't start until Thursday night.. but below are a few favorites from them!
  • Draper James is all 25% off.. I'm sending Ben several links with Christmas in mind, haha! Mainly this and this.. and I would love to get this for a holiday party! 
  • Tuckernuck is one of my favorite places to shop.. the only downside is that you'll be browsing through the $60 items and all of a sudden be hit with one thats like $400 or $900 and it doesn't really make sense what you're doing on the site. It's okay though, power through, haha! 
  • Madewell has really caught my eye a ton lately.. they have 25% off!

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