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Monday, November 12, 2018

Hi! Happy Monday! I thought I would post a quick roundup of some things that have caught my eye recently, as well as a few things we've been up to. I've been trying to knock out everything for Thanksgiving and Christmas.. ordering a few staple pieces that I can have to easily wear for holiday gatherings and tons of gifts too.. I'll share all of my gift ideas soon but here are some other things that have caught my eye!

I'm SO excited to mail our Christmas cards with our family photos this year. We went to Nashville for a quick trip so my friend Meredith could take our pics.. that sounds nuts I know! But it was so fun and so worth it to get to spend time with friends and to have our photos in an environment that was REAL fall! The leaves were amazing! My dress can be found here if you're interested! :)

Fun fact about my friendship with Meredith.. we met at Making Things Happen almost six years ago when Mere was 5 weeks pregnant with her oldest daughter, Rachel. We then went on to have baby boys 6 months apart, and then baby girls a month apart! Fun, right? :) 

I love this photo of Beau on the fire truck SO much. My boy makes me swoon! Being his mama is such a gift!

While we were in Nashville last weekend, I fell in love with this top from Draper James for the holidays, but wasn't loving the price point. I found this one  to be much more realistic, while still being a great brand that's great quality.

I've had my eye on this top every Christmas for the past few years.. I think I might just go for it this year! 

The internet is a really cool place.. Sophie actually borrowed this bonnet from a sweet friend that we've never officially met. Sarah was SO generous to let us borrow it for photos. I can't wait to send it back with a little thank you present! :) 

Fun moment.. Gal Meets Glam reposted our family Halloween photo because I was wearing one of their dresses! Halloween this year was so much fun with our family costume!

I'm not going to post a photo of it, because that might be weird.. but I'm in a wedding next weekend (SO excited!) and while I was getting my dress altered at Nordstrom I tried it on with this strapless bra. After wearing it for the fitting I purchased it right away. Wasn't dying to purchase a strapless bra but while wearing it I forgot I had it on, while feeling fully supported. That is absolutely priceless to me. I don't want to be adjusting or tugging. This might be silly but I'm like.. okay I'm almost 28 years old I don't need to be dealing with a fussy bra. So pleased to have added this item to my closet!

One of my besties did a Nordstrom trunk club and said that the only thing she didn't need to purchase from it was jeans- and that's what she ended up keeping. I had never tried a high waist pair of jeans and now I'm absolutely obsessed!! These are so comfy for my mama kangaroo pouch. I wore them when we were in Nashville and felt confident but also comfy.. so comfy that I fell asleep in them! This recommendation shoutout really needs to go to Susannah, not me! :)

I've never owned a pair of black boots.. but found myself really needing some this season, so I grabbed these and they are by far my favorite pair of boots I've ever had. They are SO comfortable and the suede is waterproof and I love them!

Can you tell that I've been stocking up on staples this fall? I also noticed that my black flats (it's been a good run since I bought them FIVE years ago.. haha!) had seen better days so I got a pair of the ones that Meghan Markle wore recently in Australia. I am so in love! They're comfy and flattering and just amazing. Highly recommend ordering to wear to all of your holiday gatherings!

My brother in law and sister in law hosted their first annual chili cook off this past weekend and it was SO fun! Sophie and I were judges ;) and it was just a really sweet fall gathering!

I'm currently loving this cup for Beau, and this toy for Sophie!

That's all for now! :) 


  1. Where is your cream colored sweater from in the picture of you/Meredith/your daughters?

  2. That maxi dress is gorgeous and perfect for fall! Can't wait to see the rest.

  3. How cool that GMG reposted your outfit! Those dresses are just darling! (Pun fully intended)
    Popping over to check out that strapless bra right now. I am 28 and still haven't found the perfect strapless! In fact I will avoid buying clothes that require a strapless bra just for that reason.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your sweet little girl looks SO much like your husband! What a precious doll! Happy December, friend :)


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