Sophie Charlotte: 5 Months

Sunday, November 11, 2018

5 Months as of 9/27/18

Late posting this.. I wrote it almost two months ago.. but for my own records I really want to keep up with monthly posts, so here we go! :) 

Weight: didn't weigh her this month!
Height: didn't measure her this month!

Clothes: Sophie took a little bit to be out of her 3 month outfits. I'm so sad to see a lot of them go! She's wearing 3-6 months, or 6 months now. We also switched over a lot of her clothes just because of the change of season. It's still been warm in Texas though, so a few things have hung around longer than originally thought.

Sleep: This is the most boring category, as it's been the same since about two months, haha! She is still sleeping incredibly well. She has a bottle with her daddy at 7pm every night, and goes to bed right after. She wakes around 7 each morning. I really expected her to have hiccups with her napping at around 4 months like Beau did, but over the past month she's shown no signs. There was one isolated day where she had a hard time napping in the morning, but that's it. Sometimes when we're on the go she won't nap well in the morning, just for little bits in her carseat, but then she will nap excellently in the afternoon.

Schedule: Same as last month!

Health: Nothing to report.. and no news is good news! :)

Crying: Sometimes at 6:30pm the hunger just strikes our girl so hard that she looses it haha!

Likes: her teethers and small stuffed animals have gotten so much love this month!

Dislikes: It seems crazy but our girl is just so easy breezy, not much to report here!

Milestones: Working on sitting up like a big girl, blabbering like crazy!

Special Moments: Her first family trip to Boston and Nantucket, first airplane ride, first ferry ride, first baseball game! Her baby dedication with our home group. Her first Matilda Jane trunk show.

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