Sophie Charlotte: 6 Months

Sunday, November 11, 2018

6 Months as of 10/27/18

Weight: 15lb 13.5oz
Height: 26.6 in

Clothes: Some of her 3-6 month clothing is starting to be retired! She took a long time to outgrow all of her 0-3, but then I feel like has flown through her 3-6. However, a lot of 6-12 items still seem rather giant!

Sleep: Sophie is just going to be one of those babies that loves to sleep! But I'm realizing she loves her crib which is kind of heartbreaking because I just want her to sleep in my arms sometimes. I'm writing this post about a week and a half late and on our trip to Nashville she wouldn't go to sleep because of us being up hanging out with Collin, our girl had a major fear of missing out. It was getting later and later and she was just wanting to sit up with us and be held. She didn't make a peep or act tired, but she must have been! Crazy girl!

Schedule: We switched her to a new schedule and it's been working well for us! One less time each day to nurse and incorporating purees! Nap at 9 and 1 and a catnap at 5.

Health: Still no sickness for our girl, praise the Lord!

Crying: I never really know what to put in this spot. Like, yes she's a baby! She sometimes cries! The end! Haha!

Likes: Interacting with her big brother, singing, bouncing

Dislikes: Being really hungry before bedtime!

Milestones: Sitting up like a big girl now, and really using rolling as more of a mode of transportation, haha! She's starting to really push herself up more on her arms and I think before we know it we'll see her in crawling position. I kind of can't wrap my head around what it's going to be like with two tiny people on the move in our house! We also tried her first food, avocado. Sophie's not really loving purees so far but we're keeping on.

Special Moments: First trip to the pumpkin patch, first mother daughter brunch, lots of sweet time with friends and family! 

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