What's Up Wednesday: January 2019

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hi! Is anyone out there?? It's been so long since I've blogged that this feels super rusty and unnatural. But I continually miss this space, so I'm jumping back in. Forgive any awkwardness that might come from such a long hiatus, haha!

I made this salmon recipe last night with asparagus and roasted tomatoes. Monday night Polly brought by brisket quesadillas. Tomorrow night we have a date night, and I think tonight we have stuff for fajitas! 

We had the SWEETEST Holiday! It feels like a lifetime ago though.. all these January 74th memes are so accurate. 

Also, my friend is having her third baby next Wednesday and doesn't know the gender.. so we were talking about if I carried differently with my two. I would have said no, but look at these two photos. They're TERRIBLE but really show when I was super big. 

Beau on the left, Sophie on the right. She was SO much higher. And, I looked a lot thinner with her. I honestly didn't pay much attention to my weight gain with Soph.. I just knew I had stopped gaining at around 30 weeks like I did with Beau. (Don't worry, I gain plenty leading up to that point, haha!) It's just funny how you forget things! 

I've been cooking up a storm lately and have been loving it! I got a new cookbook and it's been such a good one.  I've also been doing a few house updates. I hung some pictures in our entryway, and have done new lamps in the living room and in our bedroom. I want to share photos of everything soon! :) It's just left me feeling really fresh. I also think that I'm really getting down to what my style is, longterm. There are some things I've loved every minute since Ben and I got married and really sticking to those styles is what I want to do so that there's no temptation to just cycle through things. This is why I love a classic look so much! I have a bunch of clothes that Ben wore as a toddler that are still in style for Beau, and I think that a handful of Beau and Sophie's things will be amazing for their forever boxes. 
We started the year off with Beau having the first of two surgeries on his thumbs to correct their shape. I had been dreading the procedure so much until someone told me how excited they were for him, and for how he'll be able to interact with the world after getting used to his new thumb shape. It was so odd how quickly I had forgotten the whole point! We have about a week until his post op appointment where he will hopefully get his full arm cast off. It's meant that we've been home a lot more than usual for surgery recovery. I love our home and am usually not someone who gets like this too much but I've been like LET ME OUT OF THIS HOUSE!! Haha! We've had to find little adventures that I can go on because it's just been a lot of long days. We've for sure gone some places but it's just not been what's best for Beau during recovery. 

One day we went to Target as a family for a few things that we actually needed but also to try and burn off some of Beau's energy.. soccer in the aisle helped! Oops!

This girl just melts me!

Snack time after nap with our dirty window! Haha!

Crawling girl busting some toes through her jams!

Went to a croissant making class at Sur La Table.. SO much fun! I've been doing a ton of baking since we've been home so much and I need to stop or we're going to have some health troubles, haha! I will note that Chrissy Teigen's Banana Bread recipe is PERFECTION!

This cracked me up.. Ben had to write a contract after he had already gotten home from the office and he had some helpers! :) 

Honestly not anything! Maybe the next surgery but I feel so much more well equipped after doing the first one, and it will feel like we're in the home stretch!

I've started putting some things together for Sophie's first birthday party. It's still three months away but I just don't do last minute, haha! It's had me looking back at Beau's sweet party. In a lot of ways I'm dreading her turning one, I just love having a baby SO much.. but also I loved the summer after Beau turned one. Looks like I am dreading something after all, haha!


We just got finished four seasons of Poldark and LOVED it! We also watched the Netflix Fyre documentary last night and were both so intrigued. So nuts how that happened!! I read several books last month so I might do a book review soon! :) 

My normal podcasts (Young House Love, The Happy Hour, Risen Motherhood) and have been trying out a few new ones as well.. will report back once I decide my thoughts.

Honestly nothing super exciting. This time of year I'm not super inspired wardrobe wise. Lots of leggings! :) 

We'll be watching the super bowl with friends, and we've been savoring our slow family Saturdays!

I don't know that I'm necessarily looking forward to this but next week I'll turn 28! It's funny because I remember being 18 so clearly. I wish I could go back to my 18 year old self and say "hey guess what in ten years you and Ben will have been married for 6 years and have two beautiful children, a son and a daughter".. I would have probably gone bananas! My life is so far from perfect but it's a complete dream come true. You can read our love story, here. I linked the last installment because it has links to the first 7 posts at the top!

Not a whole lot! :) 


The last two years I've taken my baby boy on a breakfast or lunch date and it's been such a sweet thing for me... and this year we have sissy! I haven't talked to Ben about it yet but it would be fun if we split up and did a date with each of them.. having both genders of kids even as our family grows he could always take our girl(s?) and I could take our boy(s?) either way it sure is sweet! It's something thats made Valentines Day really special. Usually its a holiday we don't care too much about, but this is so much fun! Actually... now that I say that we have had several really fun Valentine's Days! 4 years ago we went to New York City and had dinner at Isabella's on the Upper West Side, 3 years ago we went to Sissy's Southern Kitchen (which has sadly closed!) and then the last two years we've had our boy.. last year our sweet friends wanted to keep Beau with their three kids and send us on a date so I remember that so fondly too! Apparently I am a Valentine's gal after all! Ben if you're reading this stop now.. But I'm toying with the idea of getting him a new, nice pillow for a present. He got me one for Christmas and I've LOVED it. He actually stole it one night, too. Haha! This one is what we have. 


  1. My 6 yo son recently got a cast off and I wish people had warned me about his skin. It looked awful for days (don't know if showering the first day would have helped but he had pins removed and had to wait 24 hours to get it wet)! He said that regular baby shampoo/soap stung so I finally figured out that CeraVe products worked the best (Walmart equivalent for the soap and the tub of cream).

    1. AH! He'll be having pins removed too so that's SO helpful. Especially because we have communication barriers. I'm SO glad I mentioned this so that you could share this.. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  2. Hi Victoria! My name is Beth, and I recently stumbled upon your blog and Instagram account, and I have had such fun following along:) I adore and admire how much you embrace and savor the simple joys of motherhood. Plus, I have a little guy who's just a few weeks older than Sophie, so it's fun to be in a similar stage as you! Two things--I saw your Insta story about spice organization, but I forgot to respond. I highly recommend Rubbermaid's Pull-Down Spice Rack ( if you're okay installing hardware. Second, could you share where you got your blue-and-white-striped fleece plush blanket? Thanks for sharing your life and testimony and encouraging a mom like me!

    1. Hi Beth!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and encourage me! Isn’t this age SO fun!? The blanket was a gift with purchase thing with Matilda Jane Clothing a few years ago.. I’m obsessed with it haha! You can find them on eBay and places but people mark them up like crazy!! Comment and say hi to me on insta next time I share something.. would love to connect there ❤️

  3. Victoria, I thought that I had thanked you for your sweet and helpful reply but it looks like maybe I didn't. Oops! I'll chalk it up to mommy brain! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me and for giving me the lead on the blanket! I have an Instagram account but I don't post anything--it's purely so that I can follow folks that inspire and encourage me and maybe to stalk a celebrity or two;) I wanted to follow up with you because I have been searching for an Easter outfit for my boy and, in doing so, came across THE cutest Texas-themed collection from Magnolia Baby. Have you seen it?! I immediately thought of you and your littles when I saw it, so I wanted to share it with you!


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