February Goals

Friday, February 1, 2019

Goals posts used to be the one thing you could depend on seeing on my blog.. almost no matter what I'd have goals up. They're kind of a hybrid to do list/adknowledgement of upcoming events/things I want to be mindful of. Let's just jump into it. I'm writing this with Beau sitting beside me on the couch watching his favorite youtube video and I want to try and get it done quick, haha! Sophie's snoozing through her morning nap! :)

February Goals:
  • Hopefully this time next week we will have a cast free little boy! I want to feel freedom to jump back into life now that he's not going to be in a bubble of healing
  • celebrate turning 28 (!!)
  • complete my spice drawer organization project 
  • Make a master to do list for Sophie's birthday party at the end of April so that I can be spreading out tasks and not getting overwhelmed!
  • plan out what I want to do with the walls of Beau's room to make it more of a big boy room 
Nothing too crazy, but this is what's on my mind for this month! :) What do y'all have planned? 


  1. That bubble is too cute!!! Also, I forgot you had a February birthday - so many of the best people do! :)


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