Sophie's First Birthday Party

Friday, July 5, 2019

I don't know what it is about today.. but I just felt like blogging. If anyone's still out there.. haha! I miss this space and honestly, what's kept me from it is the fear of criticism and cranky people. In general I had been struggling with how much of my kids to share, and a few aggressive comments and instagram messages from people putting words in my mouth or making horrible accusations.. well that was enough to make me want to retire, haha! The reality though, is that I need to ignore the fear, and I can still share lots of sweet moments about Beau and Sophie without actually sharing a lot of WHO they are and things that I would prefer to keep offline. :) So, today, Sophie's first birthday party!!

The weekend of the party was a huge undertaking. It came at a time in life where I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. Honestly not for any big reason but just in general I was treading water. My dear friend Meredith was planning on coming in town for the party with her daughter who's exactly a month younger than Sophie. We thought we would be crazy and try and do a family portrait session the night before the 11am party. Coordinating everything for photos and the party was honestly too much and I don't have any regrets because the family photos were some of our best ever (I mean.. this pic!!) but it was a lot for me as a type a person who was already feeling overwhelmed with her life. Meredith had to keep telling me to put one foot in front of the other, haha! So Friday morning I had a dry bar appointment and then drove to meet my friend Haley who made the party cookies, and then to drive to Dallas to pick up Meredith and Mary Quinn from the airport. We then went straight into last minute party errands, then came home to feed babies, freshen up, and leave for photos. We got home at like 9 that night, and stayed up late working on balloons for the party. Phewwwweeee. All of that being said, a ton of things I wanted to do for her party didn't end up coming together. I loved the time we spent celebrating Sophie but in general my vision didn't come to life for a variety of reasons. But it was still incredibly special, and she has many more birthdays that I can craft an elaborate vision honestly. Haha!
The morning of the party we put together this incredible balloon installation on this stand. I put so much work into it. But what we couldn't plan for was a freak wind storm. Even once we attached them to the stand the wind was so crazy that the entire thing blew over. Thankfully no one was around it and there was nothing else on it yet but the whole thing was destroyed. We literally threw the mess in the garage because we were running out of time, and meanwhile inside the house some mishaps were happening and the inside of the house was flooding. Overall just super overwhelming haha! If you look closely you can see we literally had to scotch tape every single bit of the banner because the wind was so bad. It settled down just as guests were arriving which I was so grateful for. 

The cake was absolutely perfect. I loved the candles (inspired by my friend Sarah!) and my sister in law and one of my best friends arranged the flowers. Originally my sister in law and I wanted to make the cake but they ended up having house guests too and we decided this was an area we needed to outsource, haha!

Another special detail.. Sophie's cake knife set! This was what we got her for her birthday. It's engraved with her full name and birthdate, and her monogram. We'll use them for each of her birthdays and then on her wedding day. Cue the sobs. We have one for Beau too and they're so precious to me! I ordered them both from here.

We had tons of pink candies out and the whole party my niece played candy shop and served everyone. Such special memories of this!

We actually had to move the location of all the food tables because of a ton of rain that we had just had and so they ended up being in direct sun, which wasn't my preference but it is what it is. :) 

So special seeing Soph love her party!

I wore this dress, with this cardigan, these earrings, and these slides.

I imagine that in this photo she's thinking "Welcome to my party y'all!"

Sophie's dress was from our favorite Beaufort Bonnet Company. Here are links for her bow, shoes, and socks. :)

My people!

We had cute bows on the corners of the high chair... but remember the wind storm!! Haha!

Sophie was SO happy to be sang to. She loves a lot of sweets but cake isn't her favorite. 

  Just look at her happy face! She wasn't super into the cake so Beau started helping her, and both her cousins. That was by far my favorite part of the whole party, my four favorite babies together! 

She had a custom hat and bib from Preppie Peony and somehow the hat didn't make it onto her head for this. Which is nuts!! Haha! Couldn't recommend the shop more though. 

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our girl's day! :) 


  1. Hey friend! Love seeing this sweet celebration! And I can totally relate to the feeling of overwhelm - no matter how much I prepare in advance, that's pretty much always how I feel before a big party, ha! P.S. Don't let the grumps get you down :)

  2. I'm so glad to hear your sweet self in this space again! Thank you for sharing honestly from your heart and inviting us into Sophie's celebration! :)

  3. Every detail is precious! I'm ordering that cake server for our wedding!

  4. I've enjoyed following your blog. What a sweet pink celebration for your cute girl!!

  5. Hi Victoria,

    There is still somebody here! First of all congratulations to Sophie on turning one! It looks like it was an amazing party! My personal favourite detail is the flowers on the top of the cake. You and your friends an amazing sense of coordination that alludes me. Sophie's outfit reminds me of those cute Victorian/Edwardian baby rompers, which are absolutely adorable.

    Remember when you started this blog back when you were in university, dreaming about your future and what it would be like, reading blogs about women a few years older than you at a much more settled point in their lives than the life of a university student is. The tables have since turned and you have now a follower of your blog who's a university student. When I found your blog I read Ben and your love story first, (I think it was part 7, when I found the blog) and this song I happened to find the same night, and it resonated with me in part because of your first name, and the fact that you're from Great Britain, I'm going quote a verse from it.

    "Then after a short while a fortune does be pleasing
    Twill cause them for to smile at our late going away
    We'll be happy as Queen Victoria, all in her greatest glory
    We'll be drinking wine and porter, all in America"

    As well, it's sometimes hard to not let negative comments from other people, even perfect strangers get you down sometimes, especially when about something as dear to your heart as your children and your life. People will assume and pass judgement on everyone and anyone, sometimes because they're angry or hurt, sometimes when they've had a bad day or a bad few weeks, and sometimes when they are temporarily being a mean person, whether they mean it or not. It can be hard to ignore those people. Sometimes the best decision is to stop contact with those kinds of people, and other times it's best to confront it head on. But doing what's best for your own health and protecting your family from such things too is almost, almost always the right decision. If that means you decide to stop blogging, then that's fine. If it means you show very little of Beau and Sophie, then that is fine as well. What feels right in your gut is often the best choice to make, after some careful consideration of course. Fear can be hard to ignore, and if my three years of Catholic school education serves right, even Jesus was afraid to die on the cross the night the soldiers arrested him. It's about overcoming the fear as best as you can, in your own time, and in your own way.

    P.S Both Beau and Sophie are adorable and look just like little dolls!


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