Friday No. 85

Friday, August 2, 2019

Probably two months ago I ran into Sephora to get a few mask samples to try out. I had in mind kind of what I wanted to try but the skincare specialist insisted on this mask. Sure, whatever. By far my favorite mask I've used. The honey in it just feels so luxurious when it goes on because of the texture and also just the smell is heavenly. It really tightens and brightens my skin. And compared to some other options, the $34 price tag isn't the worst that you could ever come across. Masks are my mama self care, big time. Yesterday afternoon Beau had two back to back therapy sessions and I wasn't feeling good so Sophie and I were just trying to survive the wait and get home. When we did, I plopped the kids in front of the tv, put this mask on, and hung out with my babies letting us all relax until daddy got home! I actually have a photo of this that I sent a friend, haha!!!

Jessica's Charleston collection is absolutely GORGEOUS. I loved looking at it and if you had a spot for art in your home one of these pieces would be a great choice!

Not the most amazing photo of your life but Ben built me this coffee table! PRAISE HANDS! I kept coming across this style and loving it but every option was just not what I was wanting to spend. We didn't get amazing wood or anything but this ended up being less than $100. 

I kind of think that I want to white wash it (vs staining).. does anyone have experience with this? Any tips?

We leave for London on Monday! Yippee! I'm not as prepared as I would have liked to be with Sophie being sick last week and me this week. Thankfully the boys in our household have killer immune systems. I shouldnt jinx it but Beau has done SO well with not getting sick the last maybe year or so. Anyway.. we're so excited to see family and also to see England through the eyes of our children. On our last international trip Beau was barely crawling and now I have two toddlers who RUN so it's going to be so fun. Someone posted a video of the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace and I realized that I hadn't even considered something like that because it's not something that in the past Ben and I would have wanted to do.. but Beau and Sophie (Beau especially) would be absolutely in awe... added it to our list! It was such a fun realization to realize that now our children are at the stage where we can do some activities catered to them. The thing I'm most excited about (outside of seeing family) is our day trip to the Cotswolds!

On Wednesday we celebrated Charlotte's Joy with homemade cookies for friends. It was a bright spot in my week to do something in support of the precious Robson family! 

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  1. Go Ben!!! The table looks beautiful! Reminds me of Alaina K's from the Everygirl, which I love! :)


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