My Christmas Wislist 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019

It's fun to look back at my Christmas wish lists over the years. In some ways they stay pretty much the same every year. I feel like I'm always wanting kitchen stuff, haha! What should I add to my list? :)

The Other Side of the Coin- You can sign me up for anything royals related.. this would be SUCH a great gift to receive.

Brown Sugar Saver- boring, but I'd honestly love to get this. Haha! On this same note, I emailed Ben last week. Subject: Stocking Stuffer idea Text: Chip clips. So silly but we always have little bags that need to be sealed and having enough would be great, haha!

Woven Door Mat - This mat looks so much fancier than it is to me!

Ceramic Kitchen Aid Mixer Bowl- Our mixer is always out on our counter, and the ceramic, textured bowl would be a lovely addition. I use our mixer constantly, so from a practical perspective, having a second bowl would be helpful too.

Hoover Floor Mop- This addition to the list is how we know I'm pushing 30, but I'm totally fine with it. My friend swears by this and I'd love it!

New Lysa Terkhurst bible study- Full disclosure, I already purchased this for myself to look through and decide if it's a good fit for the women in our bible study to walk through next semester, but I thought I would include it anyway because it would be a great thing to gift or add to your own list. I've found that walking through a specific study is really helpful to me!

Woven Canister Set- I've had these on my hidden "wishlist" pinterest for ages.. they are so beautiful and would be really practical in our kitchen!

New Diffuser- This is kind of funny because they've been around forever, but I've just recently jumped on the diffuser train. This one is pretty!

Aquis Hair Towel- Supposedly this hair towel really cuts down on drying time. I already know someone has gotten it for me and I'm SO excited!

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