February Favorites

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

1. This isn't something you can easily click on a link for, but I just want to reiterate to people an obvious... THE LIBRARY IS LIKE A FREE BOOK STORE. Haha! I already had a library card online that I've been using for kindle books, but I recently rejoined a local library and it's incredibly simple to reserve the books that you want online and pop in to pick them up. I love to read, and read rather quickly.. so if I have a reading heavy month I could easily spend $150 on books. I don't do that, but I could. Haha! I still plan on purchasing some new releases that I'm extra excited about, but the library is life changing and I would really encourage checking out what your options are locally. :)

2. This month I really enjoyed trying some new recipes. I purchased The Defined Dish's new cookbook and have made a ton of recipes from it that we've loved. The spaghetti squash pad thai, not so chicken parmesan (or something similar I can't remember the exact name!) enchiladas con carne, and several others have become staples in our home! I would love to share a lot more cooking, but food photography and styling is not necessarily my gift!!

3. This actually happened March 1, but Ben checked the goal of a full marathon off of his bucket list. Here's the crazy part.. he didn't train for it. His brothers wanted to do it and started training but the time commitment didn't work out in this season of life for our family but he went for it and did incredibly! He finished in like four hours and twenty minutes which felt like a pretty great time to me, haha!! It was really special for all three brothers to complete the goal together.

4. My absolute favorite night night prints came back this month! Princes for my Beau Bear and princesses for Soph! Sophie loves her little blankies from TBBC, so I went ahead and got her the matching throw, which I think she'll enjoy as she gets more and more into being a toddler. Bittersweet!

5. Our home group went through the Birds & Bees curriculum, and we had SUCH a great experience. If you're interested, I would really encourage looking through their website.

6. I've briefly mentioned, but in the next few months we are moving! I'm not sharing where we're headed quite yet (although we're staying locally!) but in prepping to list our current house, I've been packing a ton up for staging. I minimized our closet and have listed a TON for sale and I'm loving having a lot less out. It makes getting dressed a lot simpler when you only have two weather appropriate options for the occasion, haha!

7. All of Minnow's new children's swim is absolutely PRECIOUS! I scooped up a new suit for each of my babes, to put in their Easter baskets. We're going to Nantucket at the end of May so I can't wait for them to be worn on the beach! :)

8. Sophie started wearing pig tails this month. I'm still getting the hang of styling her hair while she is so wiggly, but we're making progress! These were done while watching Frozen, of course!

That's all for now! :)

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